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Matrix247 Deliver Another Successful Seminar
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'Inspiring on what's possible' 'Refreshing & Relatable' 'Humorous'

A snippet of the feedback from Matrix247 & Cheshire & NW Law Society’s Legal seminar.

Against the backdrop of the esteemed Churchill House on 15th November 2023, legal experts delved into the need of sustainable practices, innovation, and differentiation. 

Essentially shaking up the legal swamp to navigate the lack of vibrant work culture and failing staff retention.

At the heart of the discussion, our partner, Lindsey Lidd, the celebrated Managing Director of HM3 Legal, presented stark statistics, revealing the current state of law firms:

  • Less than half of legal professionals are satisfied with their work-life balance.
  • An anticipated 20% of young lawyers will exit the industry in the next five years

“Essentially, culture eats strategy for breakfast.” –  Peter Drucker 

Addressing this call for disruption and change, Mairi Probin, Head of People & Culture at MAPD Group, kicked off the morning by sharing tangible actions taken in their welcoming team, ensuring it doesn’t feel like a typical law firm. Core values, including kindness, take centre stage.

Mairi offered five key tips for law firms, emphasising the importance of fairness based on revenue, size, and aligning with what employees value.

Bridging the gap between team engagement and technology, Mia Pritchard and Victor Lisowski at Matrix247 explored methodology and the latest legal-tech to bolster law firm culture.

Martyn Best, CEO of Document Direct delved into the communication element, drawing parallels with a 1986 newspaper headline – “Freddie Star ate my hamster” – to highlight how law firms today can effectively communicate for ultimate engagement

Seminar Slide

Not to forget a key theme of the event, the sustainability paradox, highlighted by Matrix247’s CEO, Ste Pritchard. While an organisation can only control so much, responsibility extends throughout the entire supply chain. The solution? Collaboration.

Ste shared Matrix247’s B-Corp journey and collaboration with law firms to share carbon calculators, ESG policies, and survey templates, aiming to drive positive change for future generations.

Charlotte Furnivall, Law Firm Relationship Manager at NatWest Bank, testified to this initiative, creating carbon calculators for law firms. 

With over 30% of law firms actively pursuing growth strategies through mergers or acquisitions, clear culture and sustainability practices are not only crucial for the planet but also for winning government contracts.

The data speaks for itself – an authentic, clear law firm culture that prioritises people and the planet, embedded through consistent actions, leads to commercial growth.

Written by Eve Maguire, Group Marketing Manager

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