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What is an ICT Health Check?

An IT Health check is an independent assessment of your current IT software within your business. This includes:


Managed IT

Mobiles & Data


Document & Print Management


Why Conduct an ICT Health Check?

  • Receive an operating cost summary: This will determine the exact quantities, existing suppliers, monthly costs, contract terms, and expiry dates across all of your ICT functions. This ensures any decisions made surrounding your business growth will be in line with your ICT strategy.
  • Align your company ICT strategy with your planned growth strategy.
  • Receive recommendations to:
    • Dismiss un-needed current expenditure
    • Identify rebates due from suppliers
  • Receive a Security, Fraud Protection and Compliance Vulnerability Report.

Why Matrix247 for I.T. Health Check?

Unparalleled advice, Outstanding commitment to service

Easy to say those words, but how do we achieve this in partnership together?

  • Help drive your growth: We help your organisation to use the latest tech to help drive growth, scale swiftly, control risk, improve security and budget accurately.
  • Strategic, proactive account management: We aim to gain as deep an understanding as you feel appropriate with your people, systems and processes enabling us to assist in jointly developing a technical strategy with you.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for you: of all I.T. issues and manage all other I.T. suppliers. As well as the ability to manage all your telephony, mobile and connectivity.
  • We align your business plan with a well thought out I.T. strategy. A true partnership.
How we have helped our clients...
Our ICT Health Check found £40,000 worth of savings, whilst our support helped improve answer rates by 25% by implementing contact centre software leading to more client instruction.
How we have helped our clients...
The firm previously has a 10MB data connection which couldn't be expanded without a large initial investment. We installed for the firm a new 30MB connection which can be expanded up to 100MB with very little investment at all building flexibility for the firm as they grow. This new solution has tripled their connection speed whilst halving the cost resulting in the firm saving over £10,000 over the term.
How we have helped our clients...
Discovered that a current provider had been charging the client twice on their telephony system, of which we managed to get a rebate for the client. In addition, it transpired there was contract termination figure which was not legally binding being proposed by the incumbent provider. We managed to not only get the termination figure reduced by 65%, we were able to cover the cost within the tender for the supply of telephony to the newly merged law firm.
How we have helped our clients...
After a full complimentary health check, we discovered this law firm could upgrade their entire telephony estate to the cloud, with zero capital overlay and receive a saving of nearly £4,000 over the agreement term. We also identified a scheme whereby a cash back of £5,000 was given to the client in exchange for trading in their own telephony system.

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