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We educate organisations on digital transformation and implement technology to help them grow

Over 30 Years in ICT

Established in 1991, we have over 30 years of experience and 1,200+ happy clients across the UK.

Whether it’s to assist with cutting costs, enhance management reporting or ensure fully integrated communications and ICT – we’ve established decade-long relationships through our promise to deliver high-quality solutions and outstanding customer service.

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  1. Wins on customer happiness
  2. Embraces and drives change
  3. Builds a positive team and family spirit
  4. Everyone matters
  5. Cares and supports causes and communities
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Our beating heart...

Our work culture is what drives everything we do. We live and breathe our five core values and pledge to prioritise our values and our fantastic team with the goal to create a business that drives innovation and positive change. Everyone matters at Matrix247 and we strive to put this into place every day. 

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We don't just invest in our people, we empower them!

Enabling them to grow, learn and adapt creates a forward-thinking, like-minded team, thus creating a positive, collaborative place of work.

We have achieved meteoric growth through substantial investment in our people and processes – our priority being to deliver unparalleled customer service at every level.

Matrix247's Customer Service Team, including Maia Worthington, Josh Wright, Ghislaine Martin, Henry Lundberg-Bury, Harry Stag and Andy Dewhurst
Matrix247's Legal Event at Barclays Wealth & Management Centre in Manchester

Proud to be different.

We take the head-ache away from ICT. 

By engaging with your head of strategic accounts at Matrix247 with extensive commercial experience, we’ll act as a sounding board at board-level to assist in steering future plans for your organisation to develop.

In simple, we assist in navigating you through the complex and constantly evolving global tech landscape. We are trained to simplify explanations through a single contact point.

Over 1,200 Happy Clients

On track to become B Corp in 2023

100% CSat Score

Top 5 Suppliers of our Omnichannel software

£100K+ Raised for Charity

We Help Businesses Reduce CO2 emissions

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a difference

We a take great pride in our charity work over the years and can proudly share that we have contributed over £100,000 to both local and national charities, and we aren’t finished yet!

Through sponsoring hundreds of turtles, implementing a clear zero-plastic tolerance and hosting charity bike rides across the Alps, we’re taking significant steps to protect oceans and make a difference.

Our dedicated team of people driving positive change for our employees and clients
We're proud to co-fund a defibrillator to help local residents in the case of an emergency
We can boast a 100% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in 2022 across all our clients!
We aim to educate UK businesses with insightful and interactive events in key verticals
We host a monthly quiz & catering at our office to show our team appreciation and celebrate our achievements over the past month
We focus on building a happy team which in turn creates happy client experiences. From quarterly events, private healthcare incentives and regular training courses, we invest in our people.
We form strategic partnerships with the UK's leading technology providers to offer our clients the best softwares on the market
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