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Managing Risk: Be secure, save monies and ensure compliance.

Make no mistakes, we understand security IS insurance.

Nobody likes to pay for it, but no one likes to suffer the potential consequences of not having their back completely covered if and when the inevitable occurs either! Every UK organisation is at risk of a cyberattack, with 7 out of 10 companies falling victim to an attack or breach. UK businesses must adopt a clear cyber-security and risk management strategy, to protect both the company and client data. It is not a case of whether your organisation is going to be under a cyber attack by hackers, but when. So the million dollar question… what security do I need?

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Staying Secure in the Legal World

Measuring Risk Priority Vs Consequence Vs Investment

Like insurance policies, the more you invest, the more security cover you put in place.

The key is assessing the risks of occurrence and simply categorising whether a high, medium or low risk for a start. Firstly take the high-risk with high consequence as this is the top right quadrant. Assess the investment need for each element that can be covered and weigh up the minimum investment that should be deployed depending on your organisation, the data you are protecting and cost incurred with the consequence.

Cyber Security to Manage Risk

Trust in us, as security is what we do.

Matrix247 have been ensuring all solutions proposed to clients for the last 2 decades have a security wrap foremost in mind when designing the foundation of any new technologies being implemented.

Being an endorsed supplier to numerous UK Law Societies, Matrix247 are regularly asked to present on many law society panels in providing the very latest advancements available in the world of cyber security. As well as being accredited to extremely high standards, relationships have been developed with world-class partners to ensure all basis can be covered for our clients wishing Matrix247 to become the sole point of responsibility for managing digital security across the entire ICT landscape.

Ste Cyber Seminar

Matrix247 Cyber Security Portfolio

Prevents and reduces the threat of cyber breaches through leaving back-doors open and easy access to criminals.

Education and awareness with those in, or connected to, your organisation responsible for the existing and continual development of your website.

As this is the most common approach hackers take, this can involve complete staff and management awareness training to ensure all reasonable precautions are being undertaken along with implementing departmental cyber policies as standard procedures to protect your organisations brand.

Should any of your organisations laptops, tablets or mobile devices become compromised, highly accredited forensic teams are available to take digital footprints of devices to track all historic key depressions, deleted data and track data that has been transmitted.

To ensure all your organisations devices remain up to date on the very latest software versions ensuring vulnerabilities found in previous versions are ‘patched’ enabling your organisation to demonstrate compliance if risk assessed.

We can assist and provide appropriate steers to ensure those responsible in your organisation for GDPR compliance are always adhering to the very latest changes in company and client data protection.

To ensure all current operations (this may involve your organisations infrastructure, website applications, social media feeds, physical hardware and wireless connectivity) are secure to the levels expected for your organisations investment in security. Using ethical hackers we will essentially engage in an authorised cyberattack to evaluate your level of security. In doing so, we can determine the vulnerable parts of your organisation – allowing us to propose the optimum cyber-security solution for you to consider taking the risk verses consequence verses investment table above into account as we work with you.

Ensuring behind all administrator portals on all applications across your organisation no doors have be left potentially ajar through human error by either suppliers or internal staff with existing or historic access rights.

The most advanced platforms are available to be constantly remotely monitoring your Wide Area Network (WAN) and LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure and provide triggered alerts to both ourselves and those with access rights to detect all potential issues before occurring and so avoiding costly downtime and staff, management and customer frustrations.

This is the certification we would recommend ALL organisations should be striving to achieve and keep in place with annual reviews. It’s an essential checklist that can be simply applied across your complete estate to ensure that awareness of risks are clearly in place and it’s documented as to what, if any, level of security has been applied. If you wish to self-assess, you can get the logo without the PLUS addition. If you have been successfully independently assessed by an approved CE+ assessor, then you can use the complete logo. This is telling all your company management, shareholders and investors and most importantly your clients and suppliers that you take the security of their data very seriously and keep an annual review alive.

Data Hacker

Data security is more important than ever

You need a company that understands your business and ultimately you can trust to ensure all elements have been considered. There is no use is securing the front door as many IT organisations will show you very well, if you keep your bathroom window open at the rear of your house! 

Protect critical data from not just external hackers , but from internal threats of disgruntled staff who do account for a significant proportion of an organisations theft, complete loss or manipulation of company and client data.

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Benefits Delivered

Peace of Mind

Your security is managed by an established team of experts, part of the top 1% of worldwide businesses with the ISO accreditation.

Supply Chain Security

Ensuring data and client information through the supply chain remains extremely secure at all times.

Reduced Downtime

Keep all communication to clients & staff operative at all times without running the risk of cyber breaches occurring.

Save Management Time

Most organisations in the public and professional services sector must report all breaches to regulatory bodies to comply the regulations and make affected clients aware.

Save Money

Reduce the risk of paying large fines to regulatory bodies in not being able to demonstrate a reasonably comprehensive cyber security policy.

Brand Reputation Protection

Public companies must announce breaches to all share/stake holders. Large investments by organisations in building a solid brand reputation over years can suffer huge overnight financial loss.

We protect mobiles too!

Many organisations protect their laptops and online applications, but forget about their mobiles. Data security is crucial and we have flexible, reliable cyber security software to protect confidential data on personal and company owned mobile devices.