Customer Service Policy

Matrix247s clients are whom we serve, and to who we wish to deliver unparalleled advice along with an outstanding commitment to their service. Our customer service policy defines what this commitment means in practice and what our clients and partners can expect from us.

Our customer service policy makes clear the Companys commitment to provide excellent advice and services that offer value for money. Key to achieving that vision is a good relationship with our Clients and Partners.

1. Why have a policy?

Clients that use Matrix247 services have an expectation of the services we provide. It is important that you know what to expect from us in terms of service so that you can measure whether we are successful or not. As a Telecommunications provider we deliver a wide range of services and employ a company of helpful staff to deliver our advice, products and services to your organisation. It is important that our staff understand and deliver the same high quality service irrespective of the sector or area that they work within.

2. Our Customer Charter

Matrix247 is an organisation that puts the needs of our customers first. Our staff are committed to providing a responsive, caring and professional service.

We promise to:

  • Act in a professional manner and be polite at all times
  • Deal with your enquiry promptly or explain the reason for any delay
  • Listen to you and ask for your views
  • Keep our promises
  • Be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • Apologise when we make a mistake and put things right
  • Accept your right to complain and guarantee a full investigation and considered response
  • Treat you and your data with respect


3. Our Customer Standards

We aim to:

  • Answer the phone within five rings
  • Return your call within 4 hours if you have left us a message
  • Reply to letters and faxes within 5 working days
  • If your query can’t be resolved within 5 days we will contact you to explain why and give you timescales
  • Acknowledge emails sent to within 4 hours and respond fully within 24 hours
  • Respond to complaints within 10 working days. Click here to see our ‘Customer Complaints Procedure‘
  • Resolve your query at the first point of contact or provide you with the details of who can help, together with timescales
  • Communicate in plain language
  • Have well-trained and confident staff that have the skills and knowledge to do the job


What we ask of you:

  • Treat all of our staff with courtesy and respect, avoiding unacceptable behaviour
  • Provide us the information and documentation we need to help you
  • Help us by informing the director of customer services when we do not meet your expectations, giving your views and suggestions
  • Utilise call recordings of telephone conversations to aid in the clarity of communication with our clients


4. How will we monitor this policy?

We will:

  • Make it easy for you to make a complaint, comment or suggestion
  • Monitor complaints to ensure we learn from our mistakes. Click here to see our ‘Customer Complaints Procedure‘
  • Monitor recorded telephone conversations to help clarify agreements made by telephone
  • Monitor our performance against these standards and policy
  • Train and support our staff in providing better customer service
  • Use customer surveys to regularly gather customer feedback


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