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Social housing is undergoing rapid changes in the UK, and nowhere is this more apparent than in housing associations IT systems.


Building a fully functioning IT system is critical to elevating the tenant experience and guaranteeing the support every household needs. However, as compliance needs change and new technology emerges, it’s down to housing associations to pick up the pieces.


We take the IT burden away from housing associations, enabling them to reach their potential. 


So, how do IT support services benefit housing associations in the UK?

IT support services that the housing sector needs

Housing associations rely on IT systems to provide services, from maintaining properties to managing tenants. Minor IT problems prevent your housing association from fulfilling its responsibilities.


Upgrading your approach to IT needs doesn’t have to mean hiring an expensive in-house team. As budgets tighten and sourcing expertise grows more complex, Matrix247 steps in to fill the gap.


Here’s how we help housing associations adjust to the evolving world of IT.

Hosted desktop

Inject more efficiency into your team by letting them work within a secure virtual desktop environment from any device, wherever they are. Our cloud-based environments give your housing association the extra mobility they need to act quickly when problems arise.


Microsoft Office 365

Manage everything from creating reports to managing figures and employee onboarding with Microsoft’s industry-leading productivity suite.

Featuring Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and more, we help you to integrate this suite to supercharge your digital transformation.


Azure cloud

Make cloud computing an integral part of your housing association. We empower you to scale with networking, virtual machines, databases and other tools to make your housing association more impactful.



Protect your tenants’ data while effortlessly complying with UK data protection regulations with the Matrix247 cybersecurity team.

Embrace multi-layered cybersecurity strategies to give your tenants peace of mind and eliminate compliance problems.


Managed desktop

Prevent downtime from impacting your housing association’s operations. We anticipate and prevent avoidable IT problems with automatic security patches, scheduled maintenance and software updates.


Support services

Access your dedicated account manager to handle the issues specific to your housing association. Call your virtual IT helpdesk for any IT problem and align your systems with the urgency you deserve.


IT hardware

Don’t let outdated hardware hold your housing association back. We source servers, desktops, laptops and networking equipment from the world’s leading brands.


Ensure you’re always up-to-date on your hardware to guarantee that your team can cope with the challenges of the future.


Professional services

Rethink how your tech stack benefits your tenants. As a Microsoft partner organisation, our consultancy services show you how to make the strategic tech improvements that help your housing association perform to the highest standards.

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Overcoming IT challenges in housing

Matrix247 understands the unique obstacles housing associations face. Some of the problems we help the UK’s housing associations overcome include:


  • Increasing technology reliance.
  • Rapid digital transformation.
  • Improving the tenant experience.
  • Reducing costs.


Managed IT support services help you overcome these ever-increasing demands on your time and budget. Contact Matrix247 to learn more about the improvements we can make.



The benefits of IT support for housing associations


Demanding tenants, tightening budgets and changing legislation are some of the biggest challenges facing today’s housing associations.


But here’s the reality:


Housing associations that upgrade their IT architectures regardless enjoy higher tenant satisfaction rates, lower costs and better overall performance than those that don’t. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Matrix247.


Improve the tenant experience through technology

Technology is the key to providing the on-demand access tenants expect from their housing associations. Whether it’s emerging technologies or platforms like the cloud, we provide continuous support to enable your team to deliver the best possible tenant experience.


Achieve perfect compliance

UK data protection laws are becoming increasingly stringent. We provide the tools needed to protect sensitive tenant data from cybercriminals.


Whether it’s audit trails, encryption, or access controls, we deploy and maintain the tools needed to protect your tenants in line with the latest data protection laws.


Drive higher housing association standards

Reduce tenant complaints and achieve higher satisfaction rates with Matrix247’s unrivalled technical expertise.


We give you the tools to increase your response times, take proactive action and implement seamless workflows for your team.


Making migration simple

Upgrade your legacy systems without worrying about complicated migration processes.


We take the reins to empower your housing association to embrace the latest innovations to make you the number one housing association in your area.


React at lightning speeds

Tenant satisfaction and housing management rely on urgency and immediate action.


Managed IT support reduces downtime and prevents avoidable IT problems that put your team out of action. Our rapid response team increases your systems’ resiliency and maximises your operational capacity because we never switch off.

We prioritise a partnership approach; we care about our customers. We’re not a faceless business – we take the time to understand, to implement and to provide ongoing support. 


Why are IT support services crucial to housing associations?


Housing associations rely on technology and cutting-edge IT systems as much as any other business. With managed IT support services from Matrix247, you can carry out your commitment to your tenants without degrading your service quality.


Contact us to learn about the full-package IT services that can transform how your housing association operates today.

What our clients say...
“What makes Matrix247 really stand out to us is the working relationship that we have got. They have spent a lot of time understanding what we need by speaking to us, meeting with us and also looking at the issues that we faced in a go live scenario and trying to make the whole solution fit for us.”
Danny Keating, IT Manager, Acorn Insurance
What our clients say...
“An excellent company to deal with. Matrix247 have supplied our comms for a number of years now. We trust them to recommend what we need. They have never let us down. Ste Pritchard and his team, and our account manager Victor, really care about their clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Will Johnson, Managing Partner, Pickering & Butters Solicitors
What our clients say...
“Always receive great service from everyone involved at Matrix247. Engineers turn up on time and fix any issues. Mia, our account manager is very helpful and informative when dealing with any of our enquiries, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company for any of your communication needs”
Steven Gough, Owner, SG Accountants
What our clients say...
“We are very pleased with our switchover to Matrix247 and cannot recommend them enough. We had been with a large provider for many years with appalling service. Victor, Simon and all of the team have helped us through a very difficult transition and have gone the extra mile to make sure everything was transferred smoothly. We would have no hesitations in recommending this company to other businesses.”
Chris Calvert, Director, Rushtons Accountants
What our clients say...
“Matrix247 have provided us with a one stop shop for our business needs, in which it becomes time consuming to try and get the service you need to trade. My experience of dealing with both the sales and customer service team is that they are very professional, efficient and most of all friendly and approachable. The service provided by Matrix247 fits in with the companies Development plan and I will continue to use them at every new site.”
Ismaiel Mansoor, Head of Marketing, Money Advisor
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