legal01Established 1991, Matrix247LAW was specifically set-up to deliver effective telecom and mobile communications to UK law practices. These solutions are designed to maximise fee earners time, assist with the firms Risk Management (SRA compliance principle 8), through building effective telecoms resilience and reviewing existing Security around transmitting data and case file documents from mobiles & tablet devices.

Our aim is to share ideas adopted by other legal firms toenhance your customers experience when they deal with your firms staff (SRA principle 5) , together with providing a report as to where the firms operating costs can be reduced and savings made for telecoms, mobile and broadband connectivity.

Client Care Research

Matrix247LAW is committed to helping you provide a superb experience to your clients.  We call it goingBeyond Telecoms.

To do this, we need to understand your clients’ requirements almost as well as we understand yours.

So we commissioned our own research into the sector.  We looked at the experience that a prospective customer of law firms gets when contacting the firm. The results were fascinating.

How We Help Law Firms

helpChosen applications include converging desk-top phones and mobile phones so any preferred device may be used anywhere regardless of location, integration of call recordings and messages into existing case management systems and the integration of Microsoft diaries and global address books into the telephony system for partner secretaries to have ultimate awareness of staff & partner status when communicating with customers.

Recommended solutions may be delivered as an in-house or hosted deployment or a hybrid of the two enabling flexibility, scalability and business continuity have a high priority along with low on-going operating costs. Matrix247Law installs and supports a portfolio ranging from telephone systems to low-cost landline and mobile call routing together with implementing networks for multi-location firms and practices wishes to enable home-based seamless working for key staff when appropriate.

Matrix247 LAW assists practises through a Comms Audit report which is split into 3 distinct sections.

Section 1:

Identifying all areas where existing Comms Operating Costs could be reduced and all possible savings identified across the telecoms, mobile and connectivity landscape.

Section 2:

Help for COLPs : Existing Telecoms Assessment to ensure compliance with the SRA regulations including identifying all existing points of failure and options available to build-in back-up, resilience and security across telecoms & mobile. We help with disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Section 3: 

Share what Law Firms are doing currently to enhance further communication with existing and prospective clients and the benefits to your specific Legal Practise in linking the existing case-management system to your telecoms system.

To discuss further how Matrix247LAW can help align your Legal Firms business strategy with a communications strategy we can build with you contact us to arrange a free initial meeting