Ticket Process

Service Desk Target Response & Fix Times






Contact Method  


Critical Business  


The customer, regardless of the environment or product usage, has complete loss of service or resources for which no work around exists, and the customer’s work cannot reasonably continue. An example of a Priority 1 issue is the entire service is unavailable, and all Users are affected.. 





Phone & Email to Matrix247 support  


Serious Business  


The customer is experiencing significant or degraded loss of service. User can operate but there is a severe impact on performance. 





Email to Matrix247 support or  

Matrix247 Self-serve portal &  



Minor Business  


The customer has experienced a minor loss of service. A minor service flaw with a work around represents this type of issue. This can include service request changes.  

3 working hours 


1+ days 

Email to Matrix247 support or  

Matrix247 Self-serve portal  


Faults should be raised by phone (0345 36 20 247). Customers with 24-hour support contracts will be assigned a dedicated support phone number that will route to their dedicated care team.

  • Target Response Time: The Company will acknowledge a customer’s fault within 30 minutes of it being raised. Where a fault occurs our of hours, a unique case reference number generated by our support portal will be made available during the Business Day.
  • Target Resolution Time: Resolution times are dependent on the nature of the fault; however, we aim to resolve faults to customer satisfaction within 2 hours of acknowledgement.

Escalation Process

The following escalation process is contained within our Service Level Agreement:

Level 1

No response within above SLA’s

Customer Services Representative


Level 2

No response from Level 1 within 2 hours

IT Manager – John McElroy


Level 3

No response from Level 2 within 3 hours

Group Technical Officer – Simon Nolan


Level 4

No response from Level 3 within 4 hours

Chief Information Officer – Sarah Thoburn