Why is Motorola making a triumphant comeback?

The smartphone market is a fierce competition with innovation being paramount. Few brands have experienced the rollercoaster ride of success and resurgence quite like Motorola. Once a dominant force in the mobile industry, the iconic brand took a backseat for a while. However, with a renewed focus and a strategic approach, Motorola has made an impressive comeback as the go-to choice for professionals seeking the best business phone. Here are the reasons behind Motorola’s resurgence and how it has repositioned itself as a leading player in the business smartphone market. 



One of the standout features of Motorola’s recent line up of business phones is their commitment to providing a clean and streamlined user experience. Motorola have adapted a stick Android experience. Stock Android refers to the pure version of the Android operating system that is developed by Google. When a phone offers a stock Android experience, it means that the manufacturer hasn’t made significant changes to the software. This results in the following benefits: 

  • Simplicity: Stock Android provides a straightforward and easy to use interface without unnecessary customisations or complex menus. This simplicity allows users to navigate their devices more effortlessly and find the features they need without confusion. 
  • Faster updates: With stock Android, users receive software updates more quickly. Manufacturers release updates promptly since they don’t need to modify the software extensively. These updates include security patches, bug fixes, and new features, ensuring that business users have the latest improvements and protection. 
  • Reduce Bloatware: Stock Android devices have fewer pre-installed applications, known as bloatware. This means user have more storage space for their own apps and data, and they won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary apps that they may not need or use. 
  • Easy integration: Stock Android simplifies the integration of business applications and device management solutions. The clean interface and standardised software make it easier for businesses to deploy and manage their apps and security measures on these devices, saving time and resources. 


In simple terms, a stock Android experience on a Motorola business phone means that the device offers a user-friendly interface, receives updates faster, has fewer unnecessary apps, and is easier to integrate into business workflows. These benefits enhance usability, security, and the ability to customise the device according to business needs.  

Exceptional Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial aspect for business professionals who are constantly on the move and need their phones to last throughout the day. Motorola has taken note of this requirement and optimised its devices accordingly. Their business phones are equipped with generous battery capacities and efficient power management systems, ensuring that users can rely on their devices for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. This feature is a must for professionals who travel extensively or work in locations where access to charging points is limited. 

Enhanced Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are of upmost importance in the business world, and Motorola understand this concern. The brand has implemented various security features to protect sensitive data and ensure the privacy of its users. Many Motorola business phones come with robust biometric authentication options, such as fingerprint sensors and facial recognition technology, enabling secure access to the device. Additionally, regular software updates and patches further enhance the security framework, keeping business users protected from potential threats. 

Competitive Pricing

Motorola’s resurgence as the best business phone is also attributed to its competitive pricing strategy. While other premium smartphone brands often come with large price tags, Motorola offers a compelling value proposition by delivering top notch features and performance at a more affordable price point. This affordability factor makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to equip their employees with reliable and feature rich devices without breaking the bank. 

Motorola’s revival as the best business phone is a testament to its commitment to delivering reliable, secure and affordable devices tailored to the needs of professionals. By focusing on the core requirements of business users, such as reliability, performance, security and affordability, Motorola has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the highly competitive smartphone market. Motorola has once again become a preferred choice for businesses seeking a reliable and powerful smartphone companion.  

Written by Eve Maguire, Group Marketing Manager

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