What Issues Does the Microsoft Modern Workplace Solve?

Technology has always been important in the workplace, but workplaces are changing, meaning businesses must change too. The biggest change is the switch to remote working, with 16% of the UK workforce working full-time from home.

Modern workplaces must adapt to changes like this, which is where the Microsoft Modern Workplace comes in. Technically speaking, this is a fancy term for companies that use the full range of Microsoft products, from Office 365 to Azure.

Today, we’ll focus on Microsoft Azure’s position within Microsoft Modern Workplace, including how it works and what it brings to the table.

What does a modern workplace aim to support a business with?

It’s a misconception that the modern workplace is purely about technology. This should come as a relief to the
 43% of businesses concerned about technology dependence. However, what is the modern workplace?


It’s a place of business defined by adaptability, collaboration and intelligent deployment of next-generation technologies. Modern workplaces also extend to a flexible, secure culture where workers feel empowered to work best for themselves and the company.


Although Microsoft Modern Workplace is a fancy term for businesses using Microsoft 365 products, what committing to it does is the essence of the modern workplace concept. Working with Microsoft 365’s suite unveils several pillars to create a dynamic work environment, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Continuous learning


In other words, it’s about carving out a workplace that never stands still. It’s about breaking down silos and eliminating the legacy static work setup. However, these words are circulated constantly. What matters is how the modern workplace is implemented.

Should a business invest in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace?

Modern Workplace is yet another concept in an already crowded market. The cloud-based system can be compared to other solutions like Amazon and Google. So, what makes Microsoft stand out?

Let’s begin with assessing what the Modern Workplace consists of:

  • Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • Microsoft Sharepoint for document management
  • Windows operating software
  • Telephony
  • Enterprise security


You’ll also find a range of other tools within these solutions. For example, Azure isn’t purely designed for cloud storage; it runs virtual machines and works within the blockchain. This solution alone contains more than 200 tools.

So, what does investing in Microsoft Modern Workplace bring to your business? Microsoft focuses on four pillars:

1.  Automation – Microsoft aims to help your business automate as much as possible. You’ll find Microsoft Power Automate within Office365 to boost productivity and simplify integration.

2. Security Security is a massive concern for today’s businesses, with 343 million data breach victims in 2023 alone. Modern Workplace is built with security as a priority, with advanced protection apps like Endpoint Manager, to safeguard your business.

3. Communication – Breaking down silos is a guaranteed way of improving productivity and collaboration. Solutions like Outlook, SharePoint and Teams facilitate enhanced communication.

4. Scalability – Modern Workplace is cloud-based, simplifying scaling as your business grows. Whether you want to increase storage or add new users, Microsoft removes issues associated with physically restrictive systems.

All four pillars are vital for businesses to succeed in the modern era. If you hold these core values at the heart of your business, consult a managed IT services provider like Matrix247 to learn more about migrating your assets to the cloud.

Make the Move to the Modern Workplace

What issues does the Microsoft Modern Workplace solve for businesses?

Microsoft Modern Workplace concentrates on solving practical problems for businesses. With the dramatic changes sweeping the workplace, businesses must think outside the box to acquire a competitive edge.


Let’s dive into the practical issues Modern Workplace addresses.

Get the best work from remote teams


The UK has embraced remote working, with 44% of UK workers reporting full-time or hybrid working in 2023. This poses a challenge for businesses in adapting to the new workplace normal.


Staying connected, ensuring productivity and maintaining those connections are vital to getting the best performance from your team.


Microsoft Modern Workplace provides all the tools to share files, hold meetings and connect devices across the web and mobile. Ultimately, Modern Workplace does this with the familiar Microsoft experience while providing perfect integration across your IT ecosystem.

Create agile, digital, and efficient workplaces

Agile and efficient workplaces are crucial for taking advantage of the digital revolution. Microsoft enables your business to push forward on all these fronts by developing one-click apps that get the job done.

These apps can:

  • Increase availability of core IT infrastructure.
  • Boost cybersecurity standards.
  • React quickly to threats.
  • Allows you to adopt an operating expenditure-driven model.
  • Reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Overall, the Modern Workplace makes your workplace more efficient and effective. Partnering with a managed IT service provider like Matrix247 lets you realise these benefits.


Meet compliance requirements

Building a bespoke Microsoft Modern Workplace setup allows you to comply easily with hundreds of security rules. Crucially, they’re designed with formal accreditations in mind, including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. Note that this has the knock-on effect of meeting insurance demands.


If you’re concerned about advanced security threats and unsecured devices, the Microsoft ecosystem provides the highest protection standard with the least effort. Plus, with compliance enforcement efforts increasing, companies must act to reinforce their compliance.


Realising business value through IT solutions


No matter the quality of the solution, cost must also be considered. Licence consolidation with Microsoft 365 could save up to 50% on your running costs. Additionally, purchasing the Business Premium licence infuses stable cost predictions and right-size tools, enabling you to avoid overpaying for your IT infrastructure.


Guarantee this business value through scalable solutions that can be expanded and shrunk as your business ebbs and flows. Simply put, removing reliance on unnecessary third-party applications is one of the best moves you can make.


Bring the benefits of automation to your business


Automation is the game-changer that can make a good business great. Acquire your competitive edge by simplifying tasks via Microsoft Power Automate.

These automation tools tackle more automating mundane tasks. They also solve existing business challenges. For example, Microsoft Modern Workplace delivers low-code tools to your teams. Plus, Power Apps can deliver improvements throughout your organisation via custom apps and workflows.

However, these tools also automate those mundane tasks. Whether generating reports or managing car parking places, Microsoft Modern Workplace has a tool for your organisation.


Eliminating the fragmented tech stack

It’s no secret that businesses waste tons of time and money on managing their tech stacks. The problems revolve around sourcing the right tools, dealing with compatibility issues, and optimising costs.

Microsoft aims to centralise entire tech stacks within a single ecosystem. This has the obvious advantage of reducing costs and eliminating compatibility worries. Additionally, businesses benefit from dealing with a single nerve centre when something goes wrong.

In short, the Microsoft Modern Workplace crushes the concerns regarding outdated tech stacks.

Moving to the Microsoft Modern Workplace with Matrix247


Working with multiple tools can make life tough for businesses. The Microsoft Modern Workplace isn’t a buzzword but an innovative approach to competing in today’s global business landscape. But there’s still the issue of transitioning to cloud-based services.

At Matrix247, we support you in planning, managing and executing cloud-based migrations to services like Microsoft 365. Our bespoke plans reduce friction and mitigate disruption, so if you’re interested in bringing your team into the modern era, contact us today.

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