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Top 5 cloud telephony integrations you need to
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Cloud telephony is a powerful solution that enables organisations to make and receive phone calls over the internet. However, the real power of cloud telephony lies in its ability to integrate with other business applications.  

In this blog, we will explore our top 5 cloud telephony integrations that can help organisations streamline their communication processes, increase productivity, and ultimately drive growth. 

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. (HubSpot Research), and all of the below integrations can support your customer service goals 

1. CRM Integrations

Improved, more personalised Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect of any organisation, and integrating your cloud telephony system with your CRM can not only make your life a whole lot easier but deliver a more personalised customer experience. 

Picture this: an existing customer calls your organisation, the call handler has all their details, previous orders/transactions, and relevant documents popped up on their screen within seconds. The productivity gain for your team, and first-class service for the customer is a win-win. 

Similarly, a new customer calls, and all the details you need automatically populate in your customer database. No more sticky notes of random numbers and your team trying to figure out whether it’s a 1 or 7 to call them back. Seamless and automated data input. 

Essentially this simple integration delivers an improved customer experience, and most importantly, helps you have the right data to add profit to the bottom line. 

2. Meet the Team Page Integration

Proven to increase sales & client engagement.

wildix Kite Meet the teams telephony integration

It’s no secret that Meet the Teams pages on a website are an opportunity to build rapport, gain credibility and increase website visitors. Now imagine through a simple telephony add-on, your website shows your team, their availability, and a direct call or chat button. 

Whether you just plug your sales team, customer service team or all your staff, this integration can boost your sales by up to 42% (Cloud Provider confirmed). 

It gives your customers transparency, connection, and brand repetition, whilst being a part of your main phone system. 

3. Information on Hold

Enhance customer service AND free advertising!

Are you aware of the average time it took for 1000 UK business people surveyed to receive a response when calling SME firms? 

Call answering waiting times: 

  • 18% have to wait 1-5 minutes  
  • 23% have to wait 5-10 minutes  
  • 21% have to wait 11-20 minutes  
  • 13% have to wait 21-45 minutes  
  • 6% have to wait 45-60 minutes  
  • 19% typically give up waiting altogether  

If the average time for your organisation is just ONE minute multiplied by 120 calls a day – this equates to two hours. Multiply by 22 working days a month – you have 44 hours of free advertising space per month (that is 66 working days a year!), to use very professionally and subtly, that many firms are missing out on!

How many calls a day does your organisation receive?

No one wants to wait on hold in silence or with stock music for long periods of time, this is when frustrations bubble and already busy receptionists or customer service staff get to bear the brunt of the frustrations.  

This is where intelligent information messages delivered to callers whilst  on hold comes into play. Long gone the days of dreaded classical music on repeat, you can keep your customers engaged and happy. 

Most popular with our client base, queue buster information on hold. If you haven’t heard of this, the end goal is to minimise long hold times which inevitably,  enhances customer service whilst empowering your employees.  

Let’s say your organisation is experiencing high call volumes, resulting in long wait times with up to 8, 9, or even 10 people waiting to get through. In such situations, a queue buster feature is a lifesaver. By providing customers with the option to request a call back at a quieter period later in the day, the queue buster information on hold can help to reduce their frustration while also logging the call in the receptionist’s diary for follow-up. Additionally, this feature allows callers to hang up and focus on their tasks, while the system automatically dials them back when their turn in the queue arrives. 

If your organisation doesn’t experience busy call queues, using fresh hold music with new offers or company news is a simple yet effective way to boost brand awareness and keep customers engaged while they wait on the line.  

Another option is to provide useful information on hold that can deflect customers to your website or email if the issue can be resolved digitally, thereby saving valuable human time for more critical calls. At Matrix247, we often set up a common info on hold for our clients with branded music and options to guide callers to digital channels if necessary.

4. Microsoft Teams Integration

For complete staff collaboration and management tracking.

Unsurprisingly, 90% of the UK workforce use Microsoft Teams, but far less are seizing the opportunity to integrate with the other largest-adopted communication platform – phone systems. 

Integration with teams is becoming increasingly popular as a full-wrapped communications system.  

For both internal and external calls, your team can keep in the familiarity of the team’s interface whilst benefiting from the ability to quickly send files through OneDrive / their Microsoft365 account.  

All of which can, of course, be tracked and reported on for the senior decision-makers of the organisation.  

5. Compliance / Training good practices / Tracking comms trends

Aside from the compliance and safety net of having calls recorded, this feature brings a whole host of benefits for organisations that want to grow, report on campaigns and generate revenue. 

Call recording allows you to analyse customer interactions, monitor employee performance, and ensure compliance with regulations. Cloud telephony systems offer call recording, but you can take it up a notch with call analytics.  

Call analytics collects all your communication data and presents it in a way you can monitor trends and KPIs at board level to truly understand the customer journey. From analysing hold times and peak call periods to optimising sales calls and tactics, this tool enables you to put meaning behind your data. 

Take your communication game to the next level……..Whether you need CRM integrations, on-hold options, or call recording, we can help you build solutions that make your team smile and your customers feel connected in a whole new way. 

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