Switching to Microsoft Modern Workplace: Step by Step

Travelling into the office everyday, grabbing a coffee on the go, and sitting down to log on to your desktop computer simply isn’t the case for everyone anymore. The way we work has evolved. To meet the changing needs of employees and customers, businesses must adapt to technology that can effectively support a modern workplace. 


With Microsoft Modern Workplace businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from working in any location, on any device, whilst improving employee productivity, and offering seamless communication, with security at its core. 

Don’t fall short of embracing tools that will drive your business, and people, forward. We can help you to take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Modern Workplace, with ongoing support and advice as part of our partnership approach.


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Should you switch to Microsoft Modern Workplace?

In short, yes absolutely. Switching to Microsoft Modern Workplace offers businesses a suite of tools that offers real value to their operations, allowing you to build a package that is right for you. Adopting Microsoft Modern Workplace can bring many benefits to businesses including; enhanced security, increased productivity, efficiencies, automation adoption, scalability, communication and collaboration to name a few.


Often, switching can result in cost savings as many organisations have access to and pay for solutions that are not being utilised or optimised. If this sounds like you, stop wasting budget and resources and get in touch with our friendly team who can help to identify the best solution for you. 


Additionally, businesses can benefit from reduced traditional hardware costs, paying for exactly what you need, when you need it, assisting budgets and growth. 


How a Microsoft Modern Workplace partner helps with switching

So you’re ready to make the move, but what now? If it feels a little overwhelming, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Switching to Microsoft Modern Workplace, particularly from Google Workspaces as an example, is very common and reasonably simple to do, depending upon the number of users and size of your business you may already have the correct licences however you are not fully utilising them. 


How migrating to the Microsoft Modern Workplace works

Microsoft Modern Workplace can only be configured via one of their accredited partners, so your very first step is perhaps doing research, like reading this blog, to determine the best route and partner for you. 

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are well equipped to support your migration to Microsoft Modern Workplace, however we will also build a partnership with you and your business. We can’t speak for other IT providers, but we care for our customers. Our process would typically look like this…



Firstly, we would undertake a comprehensive ‘ICT Health Check’ which is an assessment of your existing infrastructure including; hardware, network, security and technologies across your business. Once we have a better understanding of your current systems, and your defined business goals, we can then begin to identify areas that can be removed, improved or upgraded. 



Developing a robust plan is vital to the success of any project, but particularly within migrations to clearly address change management for a seamless transition. Whilst leaning on our expertise and experience, this will always be bespoke to meet your business needs. We will also carry this out in collaboration with you and the relevant stakeholders including training, data migration, compliance, timescales, and responsibilities.



With a successful assessment, and plan in place, we can take the agreed actions and begin the deployment and migration of technologies. Alongside deployment, we assist with support, training and communication throughout the migration to mitigate any resistance or challenges to the change. 



Ongoing support & review

In one sense, this is just the beginning. We don’t deploy and walk away. We partner to offer ongoing support, advice and resources to ensure you continually have the technology you need for optimum business success. Alongside your dedicated account manager, our team will be available to align your business strategy with your ICT strategy.


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