How Can Omnichannel Optimise an

Insurance Company Contact Centre?

Say hello to the ultimate customer service solution – omnichannel software. 

Omnichannel (also known as Contact Centre as a Service / CCaaS), combines phone calls, webchat, email, text (SMS) and social media channels like WhatsApp and Facebook into a single seamless platform.  

As Insurance Companies offer customers more and more channels to reach out to them, it’s more important than ever to have a system that improves the experience for both customers and contact agents. That’s where omnichannel comes in! 

The benefits of installing omnichannel software in your contact centre are endless. 

From improving customer experience to streamlining operations, your insurance firm will experience a boost in success and satisfaction whilst receiving unprecedented returns on any investments made.  

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Benefits of Omnichannel in the Insurance Sector

Real-Time Reporting

Supervisors and managers, we understand your time is precious.  

The task of compiling month-end reports from multiple software can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where omnichannel steps in. A solution for real-time data access from ALL your communication channels in a single window! 

No more endless hours spent on extracting data from excel. With just one click, managers can stay informed about agents’ availability, call status, and hold times. This real-time data can drive sales strategy and improve each department’s performance. Whether you require, number of enquiries per channel, per product or per department, this solution can be tailored to each insurance company, ensuring that your reporting aligns with your organisation’s long-term goals.  


Scheduled Reporting

Say goodbye to manual report generation and hello to effortless insights. 

Omnichannel provides insurance company managers with automated reports delivered straight to their email inboxes providing a bird’s eye view of the department’s performance with just a few clicks. Omnichannel can schedule reports for the same time every day, commonly 7am, so managers can start each day with all the information they need at their fingertips and with a plan in mind. Save time, stay informed, and elevate contact centre strategy with ease. 

Skill Based Routing

Eliminate unhappy customers caused by high abandonment rates. 

Eliminate customers ringing up about changing their account details but being taken through to sales who instead could be dealing with potential customer waiting to be answered. 

Omnichannel’s skill-based routing solution will ensure callers are automatically connected to the last person they spoke with or the best suited agent to handle their enquiry. This creates a sense of continuity and a strong relationship between customers and the insurance company’s agents.  

By inputting each agent’s expertise, ranking them from 1-9, with 1 being least qualified and 9 being the best agent to solve an issue, skill-based routing ensures customers are always automatically connected with the best person to handle the query. Because of previous experience or training, an agent may be ranked a 9 in car insurance but a 1 in home insurance. Not only does this lead to increased customer satisfaction, but it also saves the company valuable time. Insurance firms are using Omnichannel’s skill-based routing to deliver smoother operations and happier customers. 

SQL Access Reporting

Unlike most software on the market, Matrix247’s omnichannel solutions provide SQL Access. This is unprocessed, raw data which can be managed, exported and presented in the way the insurance firm chooses. Most omnichannel software only provide snippets of the true data so for more advanced data analysis in leading insurance firms, they simply don’t cut it. 

Every interaction your firm has had with a customer and its data is all in one place. SQL Access allows managers to create custom reports tailored specifically to their goals and objectives, not just a generic, one size fits all report. So when the customers or managers request a report that’s something a little more unusual, managers can easily access the raw data and create the reports they need, on demand.  

Open API Access

Unlike other software’s on the market, Matrix247’s omnichannel software has open API access. Open API access allows you to integrate any plug-ins you need. No more manual data transfers, or overpaying developers to integrate apps. Instead, simply copy and paste a snippet of code text provided and easily integrate with any software or application you choose for no additional cost 

Insurance firms can create custom integrations that are tailored to them and their unique needs and workflows such as CRM systems, telephony systems and webchat. This level of flexibility is the key to innovation and the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the market, and insurance firms long time goals. 

Deflection Systems... The ability for your customers to avoid waiting

Long wait times, high abandonment rates and dissatisfied customers are an insurance company’s worst nightmare.  Where at all possible, prospective customers will simply call a competitor through sheer frustration. Omnichannel solves this issue, with its queue deflection system. 

We’ve discussed above customers embracing webchat, but sometimes they still find themselves unable to complete their enquiry on this platform, and still end up calling their insurance provider for assistance. Omnichannel resolves this by redirecting callers to complete their request on webchat instead, and for an added convenience, send them an SMS with a direct link to the webchat. 

If customers, still prefer to talk to a live agent, omnichannel’s deflection system will also allow customers to “press 1 to get a call back when the next agent is available”. It’s a quick and easy installation that removes customers from the call queue, resulting in improved customer service and significantly reduced waiting times.  


Scope For The Future

As customers increasingly turn to messaging platforms like WhatsApp, webchat and interactive webchat (web-bots), with their constant updates and new features, insurance companies can effortlessly scale up to meet rising demand.  

As an aside to Webchat, web-bots with AI are quickly becoming a game-changer in the insurance industry. No more waiting on hold for customers. From completing simple tasks like updating their billing address to using AI as a continual self-learning, self-improvement communication channel. As customers ask questions, web-bots respond by either presenting answers to the customer questions, or presenting a ‘live’ insurance firm agent to them. Once the question has been dealt with successfully, the new answers to new questions can then be checked by a manager with authority to enable to continual improvement of the web-bot for speed in answering customers questions. 

It's Cloud Based... So What?

As omnichannel adopts cloud computing, agents can access a world of resourcing without having any capital upfront investments. This also frees up valuable memory and computer data processing power on internal PCs and servers (if not already all deployed in a hosted environment). This means insurance firms can use this extra capacity for what really matters – growing the business by analysing virtually real-time vast amounts of information to make informed decisions in optimum performance.  

Written by Victor Lisowski, Head of Strategic Accounts

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