Implementing a Cloud Migration Strategy: How it Works

Matrix247 provides end-to-end cloud migration services to help your organisation move applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud. 

Our proven migration methodology ensures a smooth and secure transition tailored to your business needs.


How a Cloud Migration Strategy is implemented

The key phases of a cloud migration approach include:

1. Assessment – 7 point check


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT environment covering:

  • Workloads
  • Dependencies
  • Data Network Connectivity
  • Security in place 
  • Low, medium and high risk security vulnerabilities
  • Current business requirements
  • Short & medium term business needs toward planned strategy

 This enables us to design the optimal migration path.

2. Migration Planning


Based on the assessment, Matrix247 design a detailed migration plan covering:

  • Business Applications
  • Data migration
  • Data network connectivity needs
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Business Continuity planning

Ultimately, Microsoft Modern Workplace is designed to facilitate collaboration and efficiency through technology. It embraces flexible working and lets employees spend more time on creativity instead of meaningless repetition.

3. Migration Execution- Choice of 2 approaches


A team of highly qualified and certified IT cloud experts handle the complete migration process.

Matrix247 will recommend one of two approaches and clearly explain the rationale behind this. Both of these approaches are secure and low risk. It will depend upon:

  • Your organisation’s current infrastructure 
  • Designed cloud solution

Option 1: Phased approach


We can design a phased migration considering:

  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Business applications 
  • Data locations
  • Infrastructure
  • Contractual agreements
  • Incumbent applications capabilities to migrate

Option 2: Swift Cohesive approach


In both options, we would leverage automated tools to minimise downtime and risks. A complete cloud migration after all due-diligence has been completed to ensure all bases covered on current applications and their capabilities being cloud-ready and all risks mitigated.

A lot easier to project manage and far lower overall investment than the hybrid approaches.

4. Validation and Testing


Post-migration we ensure that we thoroughly validate and test your cloud environment, that all your systems are functioning as expected and all your operations are running smoothly.

5. Optimisation

Through Matrix247 managed services, we continually monitor and optimise your:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Costs
  • Performance
  • Security posture

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