How does VoIP Telephony work?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows for telephone calls to be made over the internet instead of traditional telephone networks. This has revolutionised the way people and organisations communicate and has made it easier and more affordable to make calls from anywhere in the world.  

What is VoIP Telephony?

VoIP telephony, (also known as hosted or cloud telephony) refers to the transmission of voice and multimedia content over the internet and can work in conjunction with on-premise systems too. VoIP works by converting analogue voice signals into digital data packets and transmitting them over the internet. This process allows for calls to be made anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone networks.  

How VoIP Telephony Works

To make a call using VoIP telephony, a person can use any advice which connects to the internet such as a computer, a smartphone, or a dedicated VoIP phone. The device is then connected to the internet and the person can make a call by dialling the number or selecting the contact they want to call within their telephony system. 

Once the call is initiated, the analogue voice signals are converted into digital data packets and transmitted over the internet. The packets are then reassembled into their original form at the receiving end, where they are played back as an audio signal. This process is repeated in real-time, allowing for a seamless conversation. 

What are the Benefits of VoIP Telephony for Organisations?

1) Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP technology is cost-effectiveness. By calls being routed over the internet securely, organisations can avoid high, long-distance and international calling fees, making it a more affordable option for their communication needs. As a result, companies can allocate more resources towards other organisational needs, such as marketing, research & development, or employee training.  

2) Flexibility

As VoIP technology allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere with an internet connection, this gives them the freedom to work remotely and stay connected with clients and colleagues. With the rise of mobile devices, VoIP has become even more flexible, as users can now make and receive phone calls on their smartphones or tablets using mobile VoIP apps.  

This means users can stay connected to their work phone number and contacts, even when they are away from their desk or office. VoIP phone systems also offer additional features like video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing, making it easier for remote workers to collaborate and communicate with their teams. Overall, the flexibility of VoIP systems provides users with the freedom to work from anywhere, stay connected, and remain productive. 

3) Integration

The integration capabilities of VoIP provide several benefits for organisations. VoIP systems can integrate with a variety of other organisation tools, such as customer relationship management software (CRM), email, and calendars, enabling organisations to streamline their communication processes and increase efficiency. This integration allows for automated call logging, saving employees time from having to manually log calls.  

A VoIP system can overlay an omnichannel system by providing a seamless integration of social media apps and SMS messaging. This allows organisations to communicate with customers across multiple channels, including voice, text, and social media in a more efficient and effective manner.  

By integrating VoIP systems with other organisation tools, organisations can improve their customer service by providing a more personalised experience, ensuring that customer data is up to date and minimising response times. VoIP’s integration capabilities can help organisations to become more efficient, reduce manual work, and improve their communication processes. 

4) Mobile & Desktop Apps

By opting for a trusted VoIP phone system provider such as Matrix247, you can gain access to a software application that enables you to accept and initiate calls on your desktop or mobile device. This functionality is particularly crucial in today’s work-from-home environment, as these apps facilitate phone calls, conference participation, text messaging, and other features, all without requiring a separate desk phone. Ultimately, the decision to use a desk phone or not rests with the user. 

5) Unified Communications

VoIP enhances your team’s productivity by employing a Unified Communications (UC) approach, which integrates all of your organisation’s communication tools into a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple disjointed applications and streamlines the communication process. 

Unified communications (UC), empowers employees and enhances customer experience. In simple, UC is one integrated solution for telephony, instant messaging and video conferencing whilst the opportunity to integrate your CRM, webchat and any other software you need in your business. 

VoIP allows organisations to tap into the benefits of a hybrid workforce by making it easy for employees to collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world. 

6) Business Continuity

The business continuity benefits of VoIP telephony are particularly relevant in light of The Great British Switch Off, where traditional on-premises phone solutions are being phased out by 2025 at the latest. 

VoIP telephony systems are the most reliable and resilient communication system, as it is not dependent on on-premises equipment that can be vulnerable to power outages, hardware failures or natural disasters as VoIP data links can ALSO connect to cloud-based telephony meaning the data is backed up at multiple data centres, adding an additional layer of continuity that simply isn’t possible with on-premise telephony systems. 

With its many benefits, including affordability, flexibility and advanced integration, it’s no wonder that VoIP telephony has become such a popular choice for organisations.  

Written by Simon Nolan, Chief Technical Officer

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