Act Now to avoid great british switch off:

BT to shut down many postcodes in Greater Manchester by end of May 2023

Matrix247 survey highlights that 28% of UK organisations remain oblivious to the Great British Switch-Off, despite BT Openreach shutting down old traditional analogue and legacy digital (ISDN) telephone exchange and networks every month.

The potential impact of the switch-off, which BT Openreach have been publicising for a couple of years now, could be detrimental for organisations that have yet to migrate to newer ‘Voice over secure internet links’, VoIP-based technologies. This could result in a loss of phone services, downtime and reduced productivity, affecting both cash flow and reputation. To avoid any disruption to operations, it is critical for organisations to plan and execute a smooth migration to newer technologies.

Simon Nolan, the CTO of Matrix247, (and BT Openreach partner) expressed his concern that there are still a number of UK organisations that have still not made contact: “It’s concerning to see that a significant number of business leaders are yet to consider the switch off as a high priority. At Matrix247 we understand the impact inaction could have on organisations, which is why we engage with our customers and prospects to offer guidance around the switch off.”

Nolan continued: “We have already successfully transitioned over 600 Lancashire and Northwest organisations onto future-proofed communication systems and networks. Our goal is to make business leaders aware of the need to act and to provide them with the support they need to make a smooth transition to VoIP-enabled technologies with a considered approach, as opposed to being rushed at the very last minute.”

Stephen Pritchard, the CEO at Matrix247, emphasised the importance of acting before it’s too late. “The switch off is the elephant in the room for the SMB sector. Our advice is to not let the switch off creep up on you and leave your business exposed – make the smart move and get the ball rolling today to simply get all the facts and options on the table. If you then decide to delay once you have the facts, it’s a lot wiser than be caught short when your postcode exchange is announced for the chop! ” he concluded.

Written by Simon Nolan, Chief Technical Officer

Act now to avoid disruptions to your phone services!

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