Cloud Migration: Best Practices

Our team runs through what we’d consider ‘best practices’ when migrating to the cloud. To ensure migration success, your business should work with an expert IT migration team that will follow best practices and secure processes at all times.

1. Business Case: Clearly define your organisation's goals

What are the expected benefits to your organisation moving to the cloud?

These may include but not be limited to:


Compete on a level playing field with your largest of competitors. Enjoy scaling licences up and down as needed to work on specific projects per person. 

Cost savings

No more on-premise hardware to maintain or insure. No more capital costs to purchase hardware that dates way before you justify your original spend on this. Access to cloud applications that are far lower cost in both licences and management and staff time. Example for UK SMEs is Sage to Xero.


Increased agility

Enabling remote and flexi-working strategies to be developed across the organisation with greatly enhanced security built-in to Matrix247 solutions.


Access to advanced cloud capabilities

Virtually all the most advanced and reduced cost applications are developed for cloud only, not backward compatible. They all integrate with each other for enhanced collaboration and lean workflow processes.

Plan your Cloud Migration Journey

2. Align your Cloud Strategy with your Organisation’s Strategy


Work closely with your core team of migration experts, such as:

  • Dedicated Account / Business Development Manager 
  • IT Cloud Architect 
  • Project Manager 

Formulate a comprehensive cloud strategy. aligned with your short, medium and long-term organisations objectives, governance policies, and compliance mandates.

3. Application Readiness


Assess your current business applications portfolio. Identify and prioritise which existing applications would bring enhanced benefits by ensuring they are made cloud-ready. 


  • What would this mean to existing staff and management in time savings?
  • What would this bring to your organisation as far as cost saving?

4. Data Security and Compliance


Ensure your sensitive data is secure during and after migration. Matrix247 follows stringent security protocols and can help you meet regulatory requirements.

5 Skills and Training


At Matrix247, we partner closely with you and your organisation in delivering the capabilities, advantages and benefits of the knowledge of the latest cloud software applications and what these would mean to your organisation. 

We can strategise and guide to help drive a training program over the short and medium term to your management teams and staff on cloud application technologies and processes to drive ongoing lean work processes and optimisation.  

By partnering with Matrix247, you get access to our vast experience, skilled personnel, and proven processes to de-risk your cloud journey and maximise returns on your cloud investments.

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