How To Spot An Email Phishing Attack

Email Phishing

how to spot an Email phishing attack 86% of organisations had at least one member of staff click a phishing link on an email. Phishing is the second most active […]

Going Mobile in the Legal Sector

Multi Network Sims

Going mobile in the legal sector As the law firms move towards a hybrid world of work, having the technology to enable working from anytime, any where is critical.   This […]

Beat the Microsoft Price Increase

Beat The Microsoft Price Increase What’s Changing? Your organisations current monthly spend on Microsoft licences is going up immediately from February 11th 2022. Microsoft has recently announced their new license […]

ISO27001 Accreditation

ISO27001 Accreditation

Matrix247 earns ISO 27001 certification Matrix247 has successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification, the world’s most prestigious information security management system certification, displaying its commitment to internal compliance and security to […]