Case Study: Lyndhurst Precision

The Client

Based in Chorley, Lyndhurst Precision are an engineering company covering everything from one-off bespoke tools to life saving medical machinery. 

Key Outcomes

  • New opportunities to win tenders with public & private organisations
  • Customer Confidence – Demonstrating commitment to security
  • Attracting NEW clients
  • New marketing opportunities – Cyber Essentials logo is a differentiator from competitors
  • Growth of new profitable revenue streams

The Challenge

Current IT Supplier couldn’t deliver the accreditation

Lyndhurst Precision has previously attempted to obtain the Cyber Essentials certification through a different provider but had failed the assessment, due to a lack of help and support.


Demand from Client for Cyber Essentials


Many of the clients and suppliers Lyndhurst Precision were wanting to work with required a Cyber Essentials certification, including local councils. This was limiting who Lyndhurst Precision could work with and consequently, limiting potential revenue.

Our Approach

Matrix247 already had a great relationship already with Lyndhurst Precision, supplying their full telecoms suite. As a result, Lyndhurst Precision enlisted the help of Matrix247 to assist them in obtaining the Cyber Essentials accreditation in guiding them through the process from start to finish; ensuring they passed the assessment with flying colours!

Matrix247 collaborated with their IT provider to obtain the necessary information and ensure that the systems in place allow Lyndhurst Precision to pass the assessment – guaranteeing a hassle-free, smooth experience.


By taking full responsibility for gaining Lyndhurst Precision the renowned accreditation, they could spend their time on other crucial business projects whilst we, Matrix247, worked in the background.

The Results

Passed the Cyber Essentials Accreditation first time

Lyndhurst Precision were able to pass the Cyber Essentials assessment the first time thanks to the guidance provided by the IT team at Matrix247. Lyndhurst Precision can now display the Cyber Essentials logo on their marketing materials, such as their website and social media, to demonstrate that they are taking the necessary precautions to protect their company from cyber-attacks. Most importantly, this displays to key stakeholders they are committed to keeping their data safe.


Attract more clients

Clients and suppliers will be reassured that Lyndhurst Precision is taking precautions to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches. As a result, more clients and suppliers will be pleased to work with Lyndhurst Precision, knowing that their information is safe, secure and being used appropriately.


Protected from 80% of cyber attacks

Because technology is constantly evolving, hackers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities in the most recent software. Lyndhurst Precision is now protected from virtually all cyber-attacks thanks to the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.


Training for employees

Human error is responsible for 82% of data breaches, therefore, Cyber Essentials focuses on educating employees to recognise phishing attacks and other methods cyber criminals will try on the business. Employees at Lyndhurst Precision are now fully trained on how to identify cyber-attacks and avoid leaking sensitive data.


Confident to upgrade their certification to Cyber Essentials Plus

As Lyndhurst Precision are dedicated to data security, they aim to continue their efforts and upgrade their certification to Cyber Essentials Plus; as a result of the success of Cyber Essentials with Matrix247. This is the highest level of Cyber Essentials scheme and includes more hands-on technical verification by a third-party accreditor independently assessing the new security structure in-place at Lyndhurst.


TUESDAY 17th SEPTEMBER, 11.00-11:45am