Case Study: Chafes Hague Lambert


The Headline

We tripled the business broadband speeds for Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors resulting in cost savings and resilience. 

The Client

Chafes Hague Lambert (CHL) Solicitors provides legal services to both businesses and individuals. They have six practices in South Manchester and Cheshire. CHL Solicitors offers legal services for commercial agreements, company sales, property transactions, landlord disputes and other matters.

The Challenge

Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors were interested in getting faster business broadband speeds after hearing about Faster Britain, a government-incentivised scheme to help businesses in the UK upgrade their leased lines to get gigabit capability business broadband.


Unfortunately, Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors were unable to obtain Faster Britain services because their offices were not within the catchment area; however, thanks to Matrix247’s partnerships with many of the UK’s leading internet providers, we were able to offer an alternative solution that still provided a 1GB circuit.

The Results

Tripled Internet Speeds

Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors previously had three leased lines, each with a speed of 30-meg. Matrix247 increased the speeds of these lines to 100-meg. This means that CHL Solicitors can perform multiple tasks that require a large amount of bandwidth without experiencing any difficulties with internet speeds.


Guaranteed Speeds

Because CHL Solicitors have a leased line, they are always guaranteed 100-meg speeds and do not have to worry about dropouts or slower speeds.


Cost Savings of £3.,300 per Annum

Previously, CHL Solicitors were paying £321 for each 30-meg leased line. When upgrading the lines, Matrix247 were able to save CHL Solicitors £3,300 per annum, with two lines costing £249 and one line costing £190.


£500 Credit Upfront

Matrix247 identified a specific network incentive which meant that by placing the order before the end of 2022, CHL could benefit from a £500 credit on their account.

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Our feedback...
“Hillyer McKeown Solicitors prides itself on delivering a highly responsive personalised service to its clients. To achieve this, every part of the communication process has to be excellent. At a time of increasing customer expectation, Matrix247 have given us a data connectivity solution giving the firm a real competitive advantage. And we’re saving money in the process!”
Steve Harvey, Group Chairman


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