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Best Practices for Business Mobile Data Control

Overseeing multiple business phones within an organisation is often seen as a chore but controlling mobile data usage is crucial to avoid excessive charges and maintain operational efficiency.  

In this guide, we will provide valuable insights and strategies tailored specifically for managers seeking effective mobile data management without incurring unnecessary expenses. 

1. Implement Data Monitoring and Reporting

To regain control over mobile data usage, its essential to work with a pro-active supplier-partner like Matrix247 that bring real value for you by providing and implementing robust data monitoring and reporting systems. Comprehensive solutions provide real time insights into each employee’s data consumption. By having clear visibility into data usage patterns, managers can identify excessive usage, implement data caps if necessary, and address any anomalies promptly. 

2. Establish Data Usage Policies

Clear and concise data usage policies play a pivotal role in managing mobile data effectively. Matrix247 can assist managers to draft customised policies that outline acceptable usage limits, prioritising Wi-Fi connections, and restricting data-intensive activities. Communicate these policies to staff members, emphasising the importance of responsible data usage to prevent unexpected charges and maintain cost efficiency. 

Whilst one mobile bill may not seem expensive, but managing multiple policies each month quickly adds up.  

3. Leverage Cost Effective Data Plans

We understand that mobile network providers offer a wide range of plans with varying allowances to cater different usage needs. Matrix247 have partnered with ALL the UK mobile network providers, including the UK’s top 3 (EE, Vodafone & O2) to ensure our clients have access to the best deals available. We remove the hassle of sifting through numerous deals and determining what suits you and your staff best. Our dedicated team will handle all of that for you!   

Moreover, we go the extra mile by utilising our network coverage map to identify the ideal networks for your staff based on their work and living locations. This enables us to split your mobile plan, accordingly, ensuring every member of your staff enjoys the best possible connection. By collaborating with our team of experts, we will analyse your organisations data requirements and identify the most cost-effective plan that aligns perfectly with your data usage patterns. This way, you can avoid paying for unused data while providing your staff with optimal connectivity for their work-related activities. 

4. Enable Data Saving Features on Devices

Modern smartphones come equipped with built in features designed to optimise data consumption. Matrix247 can educate your staff on these features and encourage their utilisation. Enable data-saving modes, restrict background data usage, and explore compression techniques available on devices to minimise data usage without compromising productivity. .

5. Provide Regular Data Usage Awareness Training

Educating staff members about the importance of data control can be critical. Organise information training sessions to raise awareness of mobile data management practices among employees. Teach them how to monitor their data usage, leverage Wi-Fi networks, and utilise data saving techniques By empowering your staff with knowledge, they become active participants in reducing data consumption and cost optimisation. 

6. Regularly Review and Update Data Usage Policies

Mobile data usage patterns may change over time as business needs evolve. It’s crucial to regularly review and update your data usage policies. Work with mobile providers that specialise in business mobiles such as Matrix247, who can analyse the effectiveness of current policies, consider feedback from staff members, and incorporate new industry best practices. By keeping your data usage policies up to date, you can ensure long term cost efficiency and maintain control over mobile data usage. 

Matrix247’s comprehensive solutions and expertise in mobile data management make business mobiles a hassle-free experience. By implementing our top tips for data management in your organisation, you can master mobile data control and ensure cost-effective usage across your organisation. Let Matrix247 be your partner in achieving efficient mobile data management and maintaining control over expenses.  

Written by Simon Nolan, Chief Technical Officer

Collaborate with our expert mobile team today and optimise your business mobile plan!

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