Ste's Trip Down Memory Lane - Video

Stephen's Trip Down Memory Lane

As we celebrate our 30th birthday this month, Stephen Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer, has been taking a trip down memory lane by talking about the inception of Matrix247, what solutions the company provided and the achievements along with challenges the company has faced to reach this milestone.

Reminiscing on how Matrix247 was founded, Ste spoke about his and Geoff’s passion for travelling around the world and how the company would be able to fund the adventures they used to go on… little did they know at the time that they would be founding an award-winning ICT firm with over 1,200 clients across the UK.

The creative buzz that Matrix247 has can be seen in how Ste and Geoff came up with the name of the company, inspired by the character John Matrix, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the 1985 action classic Commando! Much like the movie, Matrix247 have had an action packed 30 years, with several achievements and challenges the company has overcome to be where they are today!

Having originally been set up to provide new telephone systems, as the company continued to grow and meet customer demand, Matrix247 took the natural step to expand their product portfolio to include mobiles, document and print  management and IT solutions to help customers have one-point of responsibility from their provider.

Ste took a moment to discuss the company’s biggest achievement… its people. Whilst it has taken 30 years to develop the right team who understood our passion and values for high quality solutions and service, Ste believes that Matrix247 now has a ‘dynamite team’ which represents our culture and can take us to the next level.

When asked what he would tell the Ste from 30 years ago, he said to focus on his teams within the organisation. Ste reflected on how his focus on selling and bringing new contracts meant that building the right culture had to be pushed to one side.

Matrix247 has taken massive strides in the last few years to build that right culture and the framework has now been set up to achieve long term business goals with our staff playing an integral role in that.

Whilst it is a great time to reflect on past successes, Ste is excited to see the company grow in the future, with the recent acquisition of Task Office Systems, they can now provide the full product portfolio for their clients. 

Stephen's Trip Down Memory Lane

Ste finished the interview by thanking the Matrix247 team who have worked so incredibly hard to help the company achieve this milestone, as well as thanking our clients, many who have worked with Matrix247 since day one. 


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