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WHN Solicitors is a law firm based across eight locations including Accrington, Bacup, Blackburn, Bury, Clitheroe, Great Harwood, Haslingden and Rawtenstall.

With a team of over 100 professionals, WHN specialise in employment law and help with a number of business-related matters such as corporate structures, terms and conditions, contracts and legal policies.

WHN also advise individuals and family matters including buying/selling a house, financial advice, family law, civil disputes, employment problems and personal injury.

Key Outcomes

The Challenge

As WHN Solicitors grew and acquired more law firms, it became apparent that their communication between each office could be improved significantly. Previously, the law firm was using several different telephone systems in each branch with no integration, making it difficult to communicate from one office to another.

Not only was this an issue for the team at WHN Solicitors, but it was creating a poor customer experience as they struggled to be redirected to the correct staff member they needed to speak to. To ensure the best client experience, WHN needed a telephony system with more intelligent routing to ensure clients get through to the right person quickly and efficiently.

Without an in-house tech team, it was vital for WHN to have an IT provider who is on call whenever a technical fault arises and can guide them with using the new technology.

Furthermore, WHN Solicitors are growing quickly, looking at acquiring more law firms in East Lancashire. Because of this, it was important for WHN to be able to add new locations, and more staff to their telephony system without large disruption, and ensure the installation takes less than a week to install.

Matrix247's Approach

With Matrix247 specialising in the legal sector, we carried out an initial consultation and audit to better understand the issues they were facing and identify areas for improvement based upon WHN’s requirements.

The audit detailed how Matrix247 could help save WHN a considerable amount of money, whilst also benefiting from new features at a low cost. It was also identified during the audit that WHN’s telephony system was at high risk from cyber attacks despite already investing in Telecom firewalls to prevent malicious attacks.

Overall, a proposal was formulated highlighting the benefits of a new, extremely resilient telecoms solution at each and every WHN practice location.

The Outcome

Since partnering with Matrix247, WHN has made savings of over £10,000 per annum in telecom overheads, as well as saving on having to invest in telecom firewalls to minimise fraud calls and public hacking as this was all included in the new telecom cost. The system included free local, national and mobile calls. WHN’s systems were also moved from an old ISDN line (which will eventually be discontinued across the country) to SIP data links, resulting in their line rental costs          halving in price.

102 handsets were deployed, with training given to key staff members and a guide given to the business as a whole on how to use the software. Within the cost, Matrix247 included both Telephone System Maintenance to cover the software for any faults, including replacement items and Software Assurance, essential software updates throughout the year to ensure WHN have a working product, and full support from a Mitel technician.

Each branch of WHN was installed with new equipment which meant they has a simple master group number directory no matter where each staff member was located, in the office, in a different town, or based at home. This improved customer service as customers can now be transferred through staff members easily and effectively.

As WHN are looking at expanding further, is important for them to be able to add new locations and staff to the telephony system at a low cost and in a time conscious manner. With the new telephony system, expansion of the system can be done in a matter of hours or days as opposed to weeks or months, which is an issue WHN had with previous suppliers.

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