Partnering Advantage




We are a strong partner and will work closely with your organisation ensuring you have best access to the best technologies. Working together we will help you drive up staff productivity and company profits.
Over the years we have found that, in essence, our customers want value for money and the right communications technology to enhance their customer experience when communicating to gain a competitive advantage on their rivals.

That’s what Matrix247 delivers. 

The last two decades in business have taught us that our customers simply wish to get on and do business in the arena they are experts in. They wish to deal with just one experienced communications’ supplier, who can not only meet all their needs but also take complete responsibility and be a single point of contact.

Matrix247 is constantly evolving and has an ever-growing toolkit of communications’ solutions. Our best route to new business is customer referrals. And this can only come from getting it right on budget and right on time, every time.

Now it’s your call..