Voice over IP


VoIP telephony provides free telephone calls between businesses locations byrouting calls over private network  broadband data links if free calls are required across multiple site locations with a guaranteed Quality Of Service (QOS).

Free calls can also be made over public network broadband data links which don’t deliver the same guaranteed QOS but do provide free calls to remote workers. Staff can access the company IP network from hotels or wi-fi internet hotspots via IP ‘soft-phones’ as apps on a laptop or mobilesmart phone and also free calls to and from remote workers home based on IP handsets matching those on the desk in the company office.


  • Free calls between sites once connected
  • Utilise single CAT5e outlet to run voice & data...saves cabling costs on green field sites 
  • Excellent resilient telecoms disaster recovery and telecoms business continuity model
  • Provides telecom feature transparency between head-offices and branch locations
  • Smaller branch locations only require IP phones, no telecom system processor needed
  • Ease of phone moves. Instant plug and work capability
  • Home-workers and remote staff to work exactly as if in office
  • Enable wireless IP phones to connect in remote offices
  • Supervisors to monitor transparently home and remote workers on-line
  • Customers call single number transferred free between calls
  • Create links to supplier or partner companies for free calls forever


Matrix247 offers a whole array of IP phones. These can match the manufacturer of your organisations on-premise telephone system like Mitel. These would deliver the maximum features through the best integration.

Many companies also consider the Polycom range of business handsets. The Polycom range includes six different desktop models depending on the very basic or extensive number of features required. All possess the very best sound quality in the world today.

If wireless IP handsets and associated headsets are needed, Matrix247 specialise in delivering exceptional quality. Dependant on the coverage, environment and feature-set required a number of supplier partners are available.