Measuring Telecoms

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See below 15 essential questions to ask which will identify whether current non-measurement costs the company money. A suggestion of what to measure is also provided to help you indentify how stop the current company over spend. On the results gained on many of the suggestions, compare the results against who you know, or have measured, as the best in your company.

horizon phone system bolton manchesterTo then maximise your champions best performance you could always consider call –recording software to share with others how the very best in each department handle inbound or make outbound calls to existing and prospective customers.

Question 1: Can you identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals?                   

Measure: Average / total call duration and time to answer

Question 2: Do you rely on staff honesty currently?

Measure: Teams or individuals on total inbound / outbound (sales) calls received / made and ‘Time to Answer’ calls

Question 3: Is time wasted on non-buying calls by staff?

Measure: How much time staff spending talking to your top customers

Question 4: Are you allocating resources accordingly at present ?

Measure: Missed calls, the time of day you are best/poor at call answering.

Question 5: Are you presently ringing customers back?

Measure: Missed or abandoned incoming sales calls.

Question 6: Who is making personal calls?

Measure: Excessive personal telephone calls

Question 7: Does human resource need re-allocation?

Measure: Busy periods.

Question 8: Is there a new income stream available?

Measure: How many ‘out of hours’ call you receive for service.

Question 9: Are you over-subscribing and over-spending?

Measure: Trunk line and private network data-link utilisation.

Question 10: Do you make decisions based upon emotion and sudden pressure presently?

Measure: Facts to justify additional resources together with cost justifications

Question 11: Do you need to cost by department?

Measure: Departmental billing groups

Question 12: Do you aggregate and allocate accordingly?

Measure: Call Costs and duration associated with individual projects

Question 13: Do you know which customers have the most profitable contracts?

Measure: Best and worst customers, call recording measurements too.

Question 14: Do you manually analyse telephone bills? (Or leave as too time consuming ?)

Measure: Automated reports and print / e-mail management teams automatically

Question 15: Are you currently seaching manually to pull a comms jigsaw together ?

Measure: Automatic links with call recording and other applications.