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Providing unparalleled telecom advice for over twenty years, Matrix247 uses the following three delivery mechanisms. These are Hosted Telecoms, On-Premise Telecoms & Mobile Telecoms connectivity. Aligning your organisations business strategy with telecom, connectivity and horizon telephone system bolton mobile technologies in a joined-up thoughtful approach, NOT disparate thinking, is the key. No single ONE is right, we believe it’s a hybrid approach of these delivery methods that provide the most resilient and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Improving YOUR Customer Experience

It’s the first impression and on-going communication customers receive when engaging with your organisation that will label your company of staff as either a positive experience if handled extremely well , or conversely leave clients deflated if not. Enabling staff and directors to collaborate telecoms, mobile and data correspondence at the desktop, or when mobile, is a huge benefit to prospective and current clients and your staff when intelligently thought out. It also improves staff job satisfaction and balances quality of life issues, an extremely big driver for employee retention.