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Matrix247 can supply various makes and models of mobile handsets and tablet devices available whether for office of harzardous environments. 

Complimented with a vast choice of vehicle hands-free kits, accessories and applications we can supply your organisation all the latest mobile device technology, from a simple mobile phone to the increasingly popular notebooks/tablets and Apple iPads to the most ruggadised Motorola PDAs and tablets. 

All our mobile devices come with a very friendly helpdesk support team to assist you in setting up, transferring address books and adding new applications. Matrix247 solutions are highly competitive, for existing or new customers, who combine their mobile solution with their company landline calls; significant additional savings can be made can be made for both. 

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Ruggadised Devices


Our customers need ruggadised tablets, PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant) and mobiles that provide power, portability and durability for commercial grade computing solutions. The Matrix247 service team will pre-install all required applications and required accessories along with tablet data bundles prior to deployment. 

Applications typically include GPRS, 3G, document viewers, natural pen/speech input, view-anywhere displays and multi-touch input methods. 

Whether your organisation is involved in casework, service inspections, transfer of goods or first response services, our aim is to improve collaboration between your staff and to your customers whilst reducing duplication of processes. 

Matrix247 can supply you semi-ruggadised devices. These are more ruggadised than a PDA but of similar weight and size to the heaviest duty devices made to work in the most hazardous work environments (sealed from wind-blown rain and dust).

Ruggadised Devices

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