Business Broadband


Delivering the most rapid speeds, highest quality, highest grade resilient business broadband to your organisation's location in the UK.

Start to share files between business locations collaborating with remote workers at the most rapid speeds.


Receive a rapid response experience interacting with your company's hosted business applications.

Contact the Platinum Networks Team and let us assist you in choosing the most appropriate low cost broadband available to your location.

Platinum 5

  • Up to 24 mb download
  • Up to 1 mb upload
  • 5 GB usage

Rapid 10

  • Up to 40 mb download
  • Up to 10 mb upload
  • 10 GB usage

Pro-Fibre 500

  • Up to 40 mb download
  • Up to 10 mb upload
  • 50 GB usage

EFM - Ethernet For Your First Mile is also recommended

Expected downstream and upstream speeds are massively determined by the distance of your organisation's location to the most local carrier exchange. Speeds available can be calculated prior to purchase. UK based Platinum Helpdesk for advice.

Telephone technical support desk.

Analogue line - A PSTN connection will be required at your location to enable delivery of the service. Matrix247 can either supply a new connection or migrate an existing line you may already have for the service.