With the widest range of Next Generation Broadband services and business grade features in the market, your business will enjoy a robust, flexible connection which can be completely tailored around your needs. Our 'true' business grade portfolio not only offers your business a connection you can rely on but unique options such as traffic prioritisation, guaranteed prioritised bandwidth with Assured rates and Annex M. With cloud-computing-conceptthe increased reliance on broadband connections, speed and resilience has never been more important to your business. All connections come with the technical support back-up you would expect and can be upgraded to meet your growing or changing business demands, such as employing home workers that rely on uninterrupted broadband services or connecting to other sites.

Connect to Next Generation Broadband

Broadband connectivity has become the lifeblood of any business, which impacts on virtually all aspects of business performance. While being perfectly suited for your online needs at home, domestic grade and generic ‘off the shelf’ broadband packages aren’t designed to cope with the demands of running a business. Business Broadband offers superfast, reliable connectivity with prioritised network traffic over residential users and a host of enterprise class features to ensure business continuity when you need it, all with the option to increase your upload speed.

Prioritised Bandwidth:

We offer service prioritisation for business customers, so if the network gets congested with high domestic usage we guarantee your traffic goes first.

Assured Rates

Our Assured Rates service offers prioritised “always on” bandwidth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a choice of 512Kpbs or 1Mbps bandwidth prioritization giving you a fixed amount of bandwidth in both directions. This guaranteed bandwidth supports the delivery of bandwidth hungry applications such as rapid file transfer, running an online business with software applications, video streaming, video conferencing and web or email server hosting.

Annex M:

Annex M provides an increased upstream service of up to 2.5Mbps – ideal for replacing
expensive, inflexible SDSL and Leased Lines connectivity. This is perfect for delivering reliable high bandwidth applications like video conferencing and time sensitive data such as voice, whilst offering increased speed to support the sending of off-site back-up information. Next Generation Broadband
can benefit your business.


By leveraging the most connected next generation IP-based network in the UK, you can benefit from the most resilient broadband around with superfast speeds and a wide range of business -focused services that other providers simply can't match.


We offer a range of resilience options and more flexibility than most broadband providers due to the control our network gives us. In addition, our Business Grade Broadband is backed by stringent service levels and supported by a dedicated UK support team.


With a plethora of broadband services on offer today, it can feel like a maze but only a handful of providers provide genuine business grade services. Choose from a range of business class services built around how your business operates, whether you're a small growing enterprise or a larger business. We hope this has been useful and you have a good insight into Next Generation broadband.