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Poole Alcock

poole-alcock-logoThe Solution

Matrix247 delivered Samsung telephony processors at each practice location which built in a high level of disaster recovery options enabling the firm to demonstrate to the SRA auditors its focus around managing risk in the firm. This also enabled all the remote locations to operate as a ‘single’ telecom system enabling transparency for operators of all staff across the firm including those wishing to be home or remotely based. 

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Hillyer Mckeown Solicitors

The VerdictHillyer McKeown

“Hillyer McKeown Solicitors prides itself on delivering a highly responsive personalised service to its clients. To achieve this, every part of the communication process has to be excellent. At a time of increasing customer expectation, Matrix247LAW have given us a telecoms solution that enables seamless customer-focused call handling, giving the firm a real competitive advantage. And we’re saving money in the process!”

Steve Harvey, Partner and Head of Commercial, Hillyer McKeown Solicitors

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Napthens Solicitors

The Solutionnapthens

Instead of routing calls separately through six sites, the firm now route calls for all sites through two main sites which is called an 'Active Passive SIP Solution'. This enables a substantial reduction in operating costs to be achieved and the call charges were allocated the low-cost Matrix247Law tariff plan. This created a back-up SIP connection line to give full redundancy. 

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Jackson Lees

The SolutionJackson Lees

Matrix247LAW investigated the entire system at The Jackson Canter Group via a full communications audit which allowed them to fully understand the situation and provide suitable solutions.

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Howells Solicitors LLP


The Verdict

"Matrix247Law accepted a substantial challenge but have successfully delivered the streamlined, scalable and robust infrastructure we need to underpin our business plan going forward. Resilience provides continuity, functionality ensures flexibility and cohesion secures cost-efficiency – and critically, we now have control back over both communications strategy and expenditure.”

Peter Mahy, Managing Partner, Howells Solicitors

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Bott & Co Solicitors

The Solutionbott and co

Bott & Co Solicitors had all their communications software updated to the very latest versions and were provided with on-screen dialing and presence management, enabling monitoring of staff's availability or the duration of calls and call recipient (mapped automatically to the firm's global address book). 

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Benjamin Roberts

The ChallengeTelecoms Hosted Cloud Business Telecom Fibre Broadband Mobile Bolton Northwest Manchester

Benjamin Roberts Solicitors had an old telephony system and wished to add a second site. Therefore, the firm wanted to establish a reception facility that could service both offices seamlessly, with the option of reception kicking in as a back-up at peak times and providing communication resilience for the practice. 

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Nyland & Beattie Solicitors


The Solution

With the first element achieved, Nyland & Beattie used a proportion of the savings realised to ensure immediate access to important messages through enabling anytime, anywhere retrieval through the latest voice-mail technologies. This was ideal for fee earners. 

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Rowlinsons Solicitors


The Verdict

“A knowledgeable, enthusiastic, responsive supplier who has given us real confidence in our telecoms’ capability and a cost-neutral solution that has allowed us to maintain a single point of presence for clients.”

Andrew Graves, Rowlinsons

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The SolutionSnipelaw

The solution designed for Snipelaw enabled staff to receive access to important messages enabling anytime, anywhere retrieval. Call charges were also allocated the low cost Matrix247Law tariff plan and IP handsets were rolled out to all staff across the office deploying a cloud based hosted telecom solution including a voicemail function configured to provide email delivery of messages. 

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Hillyer McKeown Solicitors - Data Connections

Success:Hillyer McKeown Solicitors
  • Tripled Data Connection Speed
  • Saved over £10,000
  • Fixed monthly operating costs
  • Expandable, secure connection
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Draycott Brown Solicitors


The Challenge

Further improvements in client communication and between their 63 back-office staff spread across multiple offices was requested. Fee-earners wished to work from their most convenient location. A reduction in operating costs was required together with maximixing their fee-earners available time AND ensuring an element of business continuity was wrapped around the solution.

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