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GP surgeries and health centres require a friendly, prompt and efficient service. When patients are calling with concerns they will expect a quick response to their call, therefore the telephony solution that is chosen must accommodate these requirements.

Most practices struggle trying to find a balance between efficient, cost-effective yet simply automated patient self-booking systems. However, making sure those patients requiring more personal communication retain that option.

Matrix247 Medical have developed, along with key partners in the fields of telephony, mobile devices, data-networks and security, solutions that significantly decrease unnecessary stress & pressure on practice staff, whilst improving their efficiency… naturally improving patient handling & communication.

hosted telecoms for the medical sector

The question is how can staff cope with the extended hours and extra workload they are expected to honour with the increased pressure being put on them due to the availability of healthcare providers.

Receive the following benefits through a bespoke, thought-out healthcare solution:

  • Reduce ‘Did Not Attends’ – Our solutions provide patients a greater choice of suitable appointment times. This in turn reduces the number of ‘did not attends’. Appointments are automatically confirmed in seconds by text message, automatically sending the patient a text reminder 24 hours prior to the appointment. Your patients will also have a 24/7 access line to self-cancel or move their appointment time.

Did You Know?

  • Missed patient appointments average 23%-34% for medical practices nationwide, with a significant loss of income as a result.
  • Automated outbound patient notification calls reduce patient no-shows by more than 30%.

Sources: Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

  • Integrate Existing Clinical Database – Allow your patients to self-check-in on arrival with a simple, menu driven, touch screen monitor or telephone meaning morning congestion on the reception phone is immediately relived. Integration with the patient call system allows announcements to the waiting room whilst displaying the free practitioners name and room. All key personal, practice managers and practitioners can collect personal voicemail remotely 24/7 if required, and cordless phones can provide easy contact along with direct access numbers.
  • Ease Stress & Pressure on Receptionists – Research shows the greatest volume of calls occur within the first half-hour of a surgery opening. Combine this with a queue of patients and the result is the most stressful and least liked part of the receptionist’s day. It is also the most common reason for staff leaving. Let patients self-book their own appointments the previous evening or overnight automatically. Patients can simultaneously book, move or cancel their appointments 24/7. This gives your receptionists more time to deal with calls needing advice or joint/extended appointments during surgery hours.
  • Reduce Communication Costs – Multi-site practices can take advantage of voice and data over the internet (VoIP & SIP) to reduce costs even further. Call management software comes fully integrated with our telephony solutions, providing greater cost control for each practice.
  • Promote YOUR Practice 24/7 for FREE – To ensure your practice benefits to the maximum degree, we provide you with a complete promotion pack. This enables your ‘user friendly’ solution to be adopted by your patients as swiftly as possible. The promotional material can be displayed in the surgery waiting room and can be given to patients by your reception and practitioners. It clearly explains how patients may now self-book, check, change or cancel their appointments with your practice.
  • Improve Work-life Balance for GPs & Staff – Providing a flexible patient self-booking system reduces the requirement of GP practices to open at weekends. This saves extra overhead expenses, energy and reduces salary bills. It can also improve the work-life balance for GPs and staff which often has a negative impact on morale. The self-booking system also reduces the security concerns linked to staff safety in mainly empty premises. All these factors would in turn reduce the requirement for further resource and support from local healthcare services.

“Matrix247 has provided our Telephony and Cloud based system for over 5 years, as a Community based Charity, effective and efficient systems are really important to make sure we keep in contact with our service users, this combined with a professional service and competitive pricing mean that Matrix247 are our contractors of choice.” - Gavin Williams, Trafford Carers. Read case study here. 

Matrix247 Medical Comms-Team would be delighted to discuss and share a wise arrange of Mobile, Telecom and Data-Comms solutions available in todays Medical marketplace and the direct benefits they would bring to your organisation.

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