Hosted and Hybrid Telecoms

Key Benefits of Matrix247 LAW Hosted & Hybrid solutions:

horizon hosted telephone system bury ramsbottom lancashire Proven time after time to be the most secure and resilient telecoms, data and mobile recovery platform as they provide back-up and cover for both on-premise failures along with failures at local exchange or across private and public networks.

  • 99.9% Uptime = securing Practice revenue and credibility
  • The most secure, reliable and resilient approach available
  • Queue inbound calls in peak times or during a failure. Avoid over subscribing to trunk lines
  • The most scalable and flexible adoption of telecom services
  • Lowest operating cost model - avoids capital expenditure
  • Fastest to deploy and simplest to activate
  • The easiest to manage. Either you or us
  • 24/7 help, assistance and management available