Disruptive Leadership For Success

The only constant is change. So own change. Be your leader of change.

Why follow others that have led your law firm before you?

I do agree it’s important to take key values that have attracted many of your existing clients, but add to these rather than repeat. Take your law firm to a new level.

Take Richard Branson, one of the greatest disruptors.

He could see in the 1970s the airline industry needed a serious customer experience update. He took the time to find out what prospective clients wanted.

A great example, reclining seats with TV screens built-in. No one had ever done this. He went out and found the people to invent, develop and deliver it and shared his vision for the greater opportunity for everyone, including new collaborator Sony.

As a disruptive leader, Branson understood that customers wanted several classes, not just upper and lower class. He invented Premium Economy Class and Upper Class. He was only 21 and had just one aeroplane!

He was a disruptive visionary. Where can you take your law firm?

OK, so say you now have a great vision for your law firm and a plan to get there; but what about everyone else? Don’t automatically assume your partners and staff are on the same bus as you, just because you have announced your vision!

Remember Laker Airways? Freddie Laker was an amazing disruptor and could have taken on the global airline operators. The advice he gave Richard Branson after being squeezed out of the industry, which actually became Virgin’s mantra, was;

“Look after your people, they will look after your customers and ultimately your shareholders will benefit.”

Laker admitted to Branson this was the error that was a huge contributor to his swift downfall.

How will you tackle the changes that lie ahead with your new vision?

You see growth, opportunity and success. Your staff and partners see change, risk, and a direct threat!

Ensure a tremendous amount of time is spent with all of your staff to ensure they understand what’s in it for them. Don’t assume that because you’ve shared the vision with department heads, the same concentrated vision will not become diluted or edited as it cascades through the ranks.

People you may bring in, either full-time or as a non-exec board member, to assist in your law firm’s growth strategy may be challenging but wow, can they make you think differently. What a breath of fresh air!

It’s all about the business plan.

Matrix247 may have the communications technology to enable disruptive positive change, by aligning a communications strategy with your new business plan. But it will struggle to succeed and fly unless you ensure your people, culture and staff attitude have become aligned! This is where you need to demonstrate your skills as a disruptive leader.

In part 2 in this series of articles, I’ll share lessons gained sitting at law firm boardroom tables over 25 years.

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