The 3G Mobile network Switch off:

Everything you need to know

What is the 3G Mobile Switch Off?

Networks across the UK are switching off their 3G networks, with Vodafone already beginning the process, and Three Mobile and EE following suit in 2024. This is to allow a stronger focus on 4G and 5G networks as they offer faster data speeds and better performance than 3G, making them more suitable for modern data-intensive applications.  

Vodafone has announced a phased approach to switch off all 3G networks by December 2023. The process began with Plymouth and Basingstoke in February 2023, with the next target being the North West. 

This switch-off will leave around 5.5 million mobile customers dependent on 3G unable to connect to the internet or access data-reliant services, so its critical organisations understand the switch-off and take the necessary actions to avoid disruption.  

Why the focus on 4G & 5G?

One of the main reasons is the increased demand for high-speed data. With the rise of smartphones and mobile data usage, people need faster and more reliable data connections. 4G and 5G networks offer faster data speeds and better performance than 3G making them more suitable for modern data-intensive applications like video streaming, online gaming and cloud computing. 

How will this affect my business?

As regions of the UK are switched off one by one, any business mobiles on the 3G network will be unable to access the internet or any functions that require data. Businesses cannot afford the downtime and loss of communication that comes with being cut off from the network. It is now time to upgrade your mobile business plan and future-proof to avoid being left in the past.  

The 2G and 3G switch-off has already happened in other countries, so relying on roaming when travelling may no longer be a feasible option for those who travel frequently for their job. 

How can I avoid the 3G switch off?

Although some mobile providers have ceased selling 3G smartphones, most providers are yet to inform their customers of the switch-off and are even still selling 3G-enabled devices. 

The switch off of 3G networks is an unavoidable reality that businesses and individuals must face. It’s time to upgrade to 4G and 5G compatible devices to ensure uninterrupted success to internet-dependent services. Select a trustworthy communications provider, such as Matrix247, who will not only provide you with the appropriate technology at competitive prices but also provide a dedicated account manager to ensure you are never left behind. 

Written by Simon Nolan, Chief Technical Officer

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