Home and Remote Working Solutions

business-woman-relaxingWork / Lifestyle balance is a key motivator when looking to recruit or retain key employees.

There is a large number of professionals who are new parents that desperately wish to work and use skills that previous employers have invested thousands of pounds in, but just cannot work full-time hours when the journey times to and from the office are added as child-minders need to be considered.

The number of highly skilled and articulate but physically disabled worker-force that maybe put-off by the commuting and parking expense is waiting, may times with grants available, to be tapped into.

The number of graduates and lower paid potential staff that have fabulous talent but simply can not afford the cost of cars, road tax, rising fuel prices, city centre parking or general commuting.

Perhaps your business has seasonal or daily peaks and troughs in inbound or out-bound calls that need handling and you need a resource that your managers and supervisors can simply switch on and off and pay for their on-line time. Maybe people in the three areas above could be utilised.

The number of your highly paid existing staff that spend hour upon de-motivating hour every week in traffic generally commuting that could be making your company money in highly motivating surroundings.

Home and remote based workers are nowadays highly visible members of the team whose real-time activity can be measured the same as internal on-premise staff and become a truly transparent link to an outside caller.

Within the Matrix247 portfolio, we offer the ability to not only receive all possible mediums of communication (landline & mobile calls, e-mails, fax, sms etc) from any device anywhere, but we also pay particular attention to both the on-going operating costs and wrap business continuity into the proposed solutions.

Once our team within the Mobile and Wireless division has assessed your present and future paths of communication, we can also advise as to how wireless voice and wireless data networks, provisioning of the correct mobile GSM package in conjunction with private mobile network technology could possibly benefit your operation.