Matrix247 Grows Exec Team as Business Expands

on Friday, 23 November 2018.

Piers Brown, has made the move from 24 Seven Communications and Vodafone Global Enterprise to further strengthen the Matrix247 professional services team as a Strategic Business Development Executive.Piers Brown Press Release

With a decade’s experience in the telecommunication and mobile sector, Matrix247 are extremely keen for Piers to bring his knowledge from the Enterprise space, coupled with the extensive portfolio of Matrix247 communication products and services, for the benefit of existing and prospective clients.

“Piers not only compliments the current dynamic and enthusiastic team at Matrix247, but will be a strategic player as a part of our ambitious growth plans reaching £10 million over the next three years.” -Stephen Pritchard, CEO of Matrix247 Group.

Matrix247 is an award-winning telecommunications firm who consult, project manage, install & maintain a wide portfolio of communications services to provide organisations who wish to align a well thought out communication strategy with their own business growth plans.

Piers added: "I've been aware of the great work Matrix247 have done since they opened their Haslingden office, and having prior experience in communications for professional services, the decision to join was one that I jumped at. Their client mix, aligned with the growth of the business and their refreshing attitude, means that I'm delighted to be joining the team at an exciting point in the life of the business."

Products include hosted and on-premise telephony systems, mobile phones including iPhones & Androids with mobile data packages. SuperFast data-networks, video conferencing and mobile cyber security solutions.  

Part 1: It's good to talk... but not JUST talk!

on Friday, 02 November 2018.

In the first of a two-part blog, Ste Pritchard explores the changing role of telecoms in today’s law firm.

I came into Telecoms when Maureen Lipman famously played grandma ‘Beattie’ in BT’s advertising campaign of the day, ‘It’s Good to Talk’. By the early 90s, the first mobiles were appearing, but emails were years away! Fax machines, meanwhile, were ushering in the end of the telex.

For the next twenty years law firms installed traditional telephone switchboards with receptionists handling all inbound calls and taking messages for partners. Communication between staff worked and clients’ expectations were met.

Why is a modern telecom system no longer a telecom system?

In one word? Speed.Peoples Wait Time vs. Brand Response

The world of client communications has changed hugely in the last 15 years. In the last five years, scarily so. Law firms have now entered the world of ‘multimedia’ communications.

Today, prospective clients looking to choose their preferred law firm will initially interact via an array of media channels: phone, email, webchats, LinkedIn, Facebook, mobile text messages, Twitter, Instagram, blogs.

Questions to ask

You’ll probably think that you have this covered. You can point to your website with its icons offering visitors the chance to engage through multiple media channels. But ask yourself this:

Q1.   What is happening when they do?

Q2.   Do you know what the average response time is by your staff from each or any of these platforms?

Q3.   Have you tried communicating yourself or had a ‘mystery shopping’ exercise done to get independent feedback as to the actual customer experience received? Tried evenings/weekends?

Although your current legacy platform offerings may ‘tick the boxes’ and adorn your business cards with ‘ways to contact you’ icons, it could backfire on your firm’s brand if not thought through or consistently delivered and measured.

Get it right, and clients can promote your law firm brand in an instant. If they have a great experience, they can share that with a thousand followers at a press of a button. Great for referrals, which will definitely nudge profits and billable hours in the upwards direction…

Get it wrong, and your brand can be tarnished in that same button-pressing blink of an eye.

That’ll take the shine off your profits.

Social Media Dashboard

The challenge of the omni-channel customer experience

The omni-channel customer experience sounds a bit of a mouthful but all we’re talking about here is ensuring clients get the seamless experience, the same message, however, they choose to interact with you. No matter which platform, which device, which icon they tap, there’s a consistency of approach and cohesion of brand.

That means that your telecom system has to evolve and serve more as a multimedia communication platform – it needs to act as a hub, bringing together all your legacy systems and providing a management information dashboard as to what is actually happening in your firm and supporting the push to deliver that crucial omni-channel experience for clients.

In part two, we’ll start with the basics of building that multimedia communication capability. If Beattie could see us now…

For more information on this topic, please contact Stephen Pritchard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0345 36 20 247 or visit

Matrix247 Supports New Generation of Entrepreneurs

on Tuesday, 07 August 2018.

Matrix247 supports new generation of business leaders

This week Matrix247 welcomed in Wave 7 of Rochdale’s National Citizenship Service (NCS) programme to provide an innovative and interactive workshop. This fantastic team of young adults received an introduction to the business and how Matrix247 helps businesses improve their communications using the latest advancements in telecommunications, mobiles and superfast broadband. They also learnt how Matrix247 helps its local community with staff volunteering to work on projects and giving back.

Several members of the Matrix247 team spoke to the group, discussed their job roles and how they started their journey at Matrix247. It was important for the young adults to know that there are different paths they can follow to get the career they desire. Mia, who started at the company nearly 5 years ago, got involved with Matrix247 through an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and Social Media. “The classroom environment wasn’t for me. I wanted to get stuck in working and start earning money, so I could buy a car and get on the property ladder”. Now working full-time while studying a chartered institute of marketing degree, Mia creates all the social media, websites, email campaigns and marketing for the company.

Josh, who previously worked at a children’s nursery, wished to work at Matrix247 to earn more money than he was before. “My goal was to get on the property ladder and an apprenticeship with Matrix247 has allowed me to do just that”. By studying customer service courses Josh has progressed through the business shortly to become a project manager and being a proud homeowner in 2 years.

Apprenticeships are a really great way for young adults to start their careers and can avoid huge university debts. They make hitting personal goals such as buying a house, buying a car, and enjoying a work-life balance very achievable and rewarding.

Sarah has worked at Matrix247 for 13 years and started via an apprenticeship. “I’m glad I didn’t go to college, but I’m so glad I have got my qualifications behind me too”. By completing customer service courses, business admin and a management course part-time at Manchester University, Sarah has quickly progressed through all aspects of management in Matrix247 and now holds the position of Director of Customer Services and Director of Billing, taking care of 1000 valued customers.

Rochdale’s Wave 7 of NCS young adults presented an inspiring pitch on how they propose to help the local community through volunteering to raise awareness about Dementia. The team have worked extremely hard, and Matrix247 are excited to see their journeys develop and for them to become the future entrepreneurs they aspire to be.

Throughout the day, Claire the Partner Support Manager shared numerous stories and examples of what employers look for and how they can stand out against competition to achieve a position in their chosen career. In addition, Claire shared best practice to enable success for their winning dragons den style charity pitch. Watch this space, they could become their own boss one day as part of the Matrix247 Partnerships Programme. Anything is possible.

Who is responsible in your firm for Customer Satisfaction?.... Are the basics covered?

on Thursday, 19 July 2018.

A Communication Policy shared with your staff and partners is CRITICAL for your Law Firm should you wish to deliver excellent customer service and client satisfaction.

As you will see from results recently published in a mystery shopping exercise across over 100 Law firms including over 600 phone calls, there is a number of areas many law firms simply fall down on, as there is no structure or measurement in place as to what is expected. Many of these basics can be very simply and swiftly covered, and then positively promoted by your marketing team.

As a starter:Legal Image 1

  1. Do you ask for the customer name? .....56% do not!
  2. Does the receptionist ask callers how they found out about the firm? ...73% do not!
  3. Is there a policy to follow up inbound enquiries? ...Less than 20% do!

Partners in your firm may benefit greatly from following a customer journey to actually gain the reality of what is happening in their firm.

Should you wish full details of the Law Firm Mystery Shopping Report undertaken by Shoppers Anonymous, please contact me as I would be happy to forward as makes very interesting reading.

When considering the right communication platform at your law firm, the team at Matrix247 don’t just ask about the technical requirements as to how many phones and types of phone lines needed, that comes a lot later. Our area of expertise is guiding your firm around how to build the right communication platform that suits your Law firm taking into account phone calls, emails, web-chat, social-media and seamlessly connecting this with your case management or practice management system. We also look at linking your firms mobile phones enabling agile working for all the partners and staff resulting in the best possible engagement for your customers.

For more information on how to meet client expectations, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0345 36 20 247.

Six Steps: Implement effective, efficient & economical care strategies

on Monday, 02 July 2018.

Address your most urgent requirements with the below communications solutions.

  1. Implement secure collaboration for all staffConnectivity

When on-site nurses, physicians and non-clinical staff can quickly, easily and securely share information in real time, the entire care cycle becomes increasingly more effective and efficient.

The need for real-time collaboration in healthcare environments is of paramount importance. Productivity increases when the entire team can quickly connect by voice, video and text to organise tasks and share files, and the potential for communication lapses and gaps in care decreases.

  1. Escalate the efficiency of clinical workflows

Using communications to streamline clinical workflows and automate repetitive tasks progresses and fast-tracks patient evaluations, treatments, transfers and discharge planning.

Reducing workflow delays cuts average discharge times and improves patient perceptions of care and satisfaction. More efficient workflows will also help you meet the core competency requirements for patient experience, quality of care and readmission rates outlined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

  1. Increase patient engagement after discharge & decrease readmissions

Ensure that patients follow discharge orders, attend post-discharge appointments and engage in other post-treatment activities by enhancing the communications capabilities provided in web portals.

Patient engagement also helps to increase patient satisfaction by reducing wait times and helping patients feel more engaged in their own care as well as keeping operating costs down. This ensures that physicians and nurses can address the most critical patient queries in the most favourable way possible.

  1. Keep patients engaged outside the patient portalmedical solutions for the medical and care sector

Although your patient portal is crucial to providing patients with access to critical health information and staff expertise, you should also have solutions that help you manage the high volumes of inbound/outbound patient calls that occur outside of the patient portal. With a patient access centre, you can proactively and efficiently support patients with diverse pre- and post- treatment needs to lower readmissions, increase patient volumes and grow revenues.

  1. What can the cloud offer?

More and more healthcare organisations are choosing to deploy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions rather than on-site solutions. This is due to the simplicity, flexibility, and cost-savings that cloud services can offer.

  1. Establish compliance with regulatory requirements

No matter which communications solutions you choose, and whether they are premises-based or cloud-based, they must enable you to meet regulatory requirements. Patient privacy is a critical concern, especially since the reinforced privacy and security regulations directed in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To go into more detail about a healthcare solution for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 3620 247 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Offering all the latest toys... but unknowingly getting bad publicity?

on Tuesday, 24 April 2018.

Organisations offer new enquiring prospects the latest communication ‘gear’. Many have ‘no idea’ and a lack of control in responding promptly, leaving new enquiring customers feeling delated. This leads to viral bad publicity their organisation is clueless of.

What are we talking about?

Organisations offering the latest communication channels to engage with their firm. Telephone, Web-Chat, Email, SMS Text / Instant Messaging, company Linked-In page, company Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Mobile-Apps…the list is getting longer. Unless offered, a sub-standard engagement offering in comparison to competitors is assumed.

Why does this happen?social media omnichannel multichannel

Staff have differing views on what is an acceptable response time to customer enquiries. This differs based upon age, demographic and communication medium used.

Example; A new telephone enquiry: One person believes a 4 hour response with correct info is fine, another believes 4 minutes is needed. On social media, 30 mins by one member of staff 30 seconds by another!

Greatly under-delivering expectations results in customers and prospects sharing poor response times with their social contacts. This can be thousands of contacts in a simple text, venting frustration and trashing your brand and services. This gets re-tweeted or forwarded to contacts of their contacts, and it’s gone viral. The organisation is clueless.

How to resolve? Deploy a comms platform tracking and measuring all medium automatically with KPI dashboards displaying in red or green whether staff are responding to agreed SLAs alerting management if not.

Can YOU afford lost enquiries and bad publicity through a lack of control?

For more information on how to meet client expectations, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0345 36 20 247.

7 Reasons why you NEED Mobile Device Management

on Friday, 02 February 2018.

Take control of business-critical data on your company smartphones and tablets with our Device Management solutions. Stay connected to your field employees and in control of any sensitive information carried on staff mobile devices. 

Mobile device management

Why Mobile Device Management? 

  • Remote manage your business devices - The online portal gives you the ability to view all employee devices and configure them remotely.
  • Instant Messaging - Communicate with your remote workers instantly.
  • Preserve company data - Have the ability to remotely wipe devices containing any confidential company data.
  • Business management reporting - Helping you understand device hardware, software and agent usage.
  • Expense Management - Monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts accordingly.


  • Enforcing what apps can and can't be downloaded
  • Remotely locate, lock and wipe devices
  • Manage what company data mobile devices can access
  • Remote manage the business devices through an online portal
  • Monitor data usage real-time and set alerts
  • Enforce company mobile device policies
  • Separate the companies data from personal data on all mobile devices

For more information click here

“PM+M have recently installed Maas360 for our mobile security, with Matrix 24/7 help, the sign up and instruction on how to best use the product couldn’t have been easier. I look forward to developing our working relationship with Matrix 24/7 with other communication technology.” - Mark Walsh, Network Manager, PM+M Chartered Accountants

If you want to easily keep track of all employees and their devices whilst saving your company and client confidential data...Call us on 0345 3620 247 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make a small investment of just £1 A MONTH instead of paying for a cyber security breach which could cost your company THOUSANDS of pounds. 

Why 76% of people are more productive working remotely.

on Monday, 02 October 2017.

A public survey of 5,500 people explain why they prefer to work outside the office.

Many would like to do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere they choose, but those who want to work remotely have specific reasons why they prefer to not be in the office at specific times.working remotely

  • The money and power to control a flexible schedule (69%)
  • Remote working (60%)
  • Fewer distractions (76%)
  • More productive when not in the office environment (66%)
  • Stress and expense of commuting (70%)
  • No office politics (69%)
  • No uniforms/own comfortable clothing (54%)
  • Personalising office environment (51%)
  • Less frequent meetings (46%)

Since 2013, work-life balance has been the number one choice. The search for jobs that allow for remote working is not all about the creature comforts of home; many feel they simply do a better job when they can choose where they work.

Most people think that remote work is mainly done by caregivers, students looking for extra cash, or working parents. However, the survey discovered that only 35% of respondents were working parents, and only 9% were caregivers or students.

Other categories of respondents included freelancers (26%), introverts (23%), and entrepreneurs (21%).

Employers are further embracing the remote work and flexible schedule dynamic as well. There have been many companies advertising for more remote workers, deciding to close their offices and go more remote instead of having the in-office work model.

Companies that have been following that growth trend include Amazon, Salesforce, Philips, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Mozilla, Adobe, Cisco Systems, Google, Matrix247 Partnerships and many more.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore the work-life balance of a new partnership with us and discuss your success story today. Download your free partnership pack from

Are YOU Secure?

on Tuesday, 05 September 2017.

This is the incorrect question to ask, rather; “How many risks are currently being taken and are they HIGH, MEDIUM or a LOW risk to your firm?”

Calculate this by simply drawing a few headings: Potential LOSS in money taken directly, CLIENT DATA RECORDS stolen and shared or exposed, FINES on your firm, company value loss due to REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE, loss of TRUST etc. The list goes on but a great start. Then ask, “What CAN be done to mitigate risk?”

Juniper 2015 research across 200 firms sights 74% of UK firms THINK they are safe, yet 55% of large firms and 45% of SME’s were attacked last year and 29% of these resulted in a data breach.cyber attacks

March 2015 government figures now show the average cost of a data breach is £65,000 to SME’s. So taking the above statistics, it is roughly a 1 in 8 chance your firm will both be attacked AND have a breach is data in the next year, therefore investing a minimum of £8k ANNUALLY in Cyber Security Awareness training, policies and tightening exposure in HIGH RISK areas is a wise pro-active approach for those responsible, which ultimately is the board, not the I.T. department. Juniper research tells us 65% of firms believe simply putting security policies in place will make them secure. I would challenge this.

Working with security experts in each field, Matrix247 are currently offering a complimentary ‘Vulnerability Assessment Report (VAR) ’ to firms looking at Data Infrastructure, Networks, Telecoms, Mobile Devices and Websites and forwarding the report findings to the Managing Partners for them to take up with existing suppliers.

Surely it is wiser to make a decision to make no investment with the facts on the table, rather than wait for the inevitable breach. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request your firms VAR.

Fundraising SUCCESS working with Nuffield Health & BLGC

on Thursday, 15 June 2017.

On Saturday 10th June we helped organise a Charity Cycle-Athlon fundraising event with Nuffield Health raising £528 for Bolton Lads and Girls Club. These funds will go towards the grand total raised from the Gran Fondo D’Italia Cycle Challenge taking place at the end of this month.

This fundraiser brought a group of members and non-members of Nuffield Health to cycle four, one-hour spinning sessions back to back with great music by DJ Ian Harrison. A big thankyou to everybody who came down on the day and the amazing gym instructors who gave up their time to support.

Cycle Charity Happy Bolton

Did you know 1 in 4 hotspots are vulnerable to attack?

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017.

More than a quarter of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide are not secured and pose a risk to users' personal data, according to Kaspersky Lab. 

The finding is based on the analysis of information on more than 31 million global Wi-Fi hotspots which showed that traffic over 28% could be intercepted easily by hackers. 

wifi connectivity secure security telecoms

According to analysis by Kaspersky Security Network, 25% of Wi-Fi networks have no encryption or password protection of any kind. This means the data passing through them is completely open and can be read by third parties. Another 3% of hotspots use WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) to encrypt data, which is an unreliable protocol that can be hacked in minutes using tools that are freely available on the internet. 

If attackers can intercept usernames/passwords, they could take control of computers on the Wi-Fi network, change browsing to websites that deliver malware or capture credentials, or use the Wi-Fi network to perform various anonymous or illegal activities. 

"Don't use hotspots without passwords and don't use public hotspots to perform high-risk activities such as online banking or shopping, logging on to sites or for transferring confidential information," says Denis Legezo, antivirus expert at Kaspersky Lab. 

 "We strongly recommend using additional measures to protect traffic, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology", he said. 

To reduce the risk of attack when using public Wi-Fi, you should:secure password telecoms firewalls

  • Use only trusted and secure Wi-Fi networks when doing anything confidential that involves typing a username and password, or transmitting confidential data.
  • Use a VPN whenever possible.
  • Make sure, before signing in to any website, that it is secure by looking for 'https' in the URL and the unbroken padlock symbol, as well as checking the security certificate.
  • Secure the computer used to access public Wi-Fi with a reputable internet security product.
  • Protect all devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

For more information on how to be more secure with your connectivity, mobiles and telephony, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0345 36 20 247.

North West Law Firms Move to Matrix247 as Mobile Phone Suppliers

on Thursday, 26 January 2017.

Let us help you compare the market to ensure your firm is getting the best deal...just like the rest of our customers. 

As a Law Firm, you need your staff to be contactable at all times enabling the highest quality of client satisfaction. 

Here are 10 Reasons why we are Manchester Law Society's chosen communications supplier:

samsung galaxy s5

1) Personal Service for EVERY partner. Matrix247 monitors your mobile voice and mobile data usage and ALERTS you pro-actively so there are no unexpected charges. We are confidently the Rolls-Royce of Mobile service delivery....speak to our Law Firm customers.

2) Security - Being Cyber Essentials PLUS certified we safeguard your Legal practice by detecting security threats, manage issues of security especially if you wish to deploy bring-your-own-device policies and keep track of Law Firm mobiles with device location.

3) Practice Management System & Telecom Integration to Mobiles

4) Wholesale Legal Sector Pricing Model - We compare the mobile market and provide you the best offers on the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Android devices and tablets. 

5) Immediate Replacements - If partners have a mobile phone failure we come and find you with a new mobile immediately. That IS a PERSONAL service. 

6) Bespoke - Receive tailored bundles per person. We understand all partners and fee-earners have their own preferences.

7) Flexibility - On mobile contracts duration. Personal training services for lawyers on the go. 

8) Networks - Choosing ANY UK mobile network ensures you the best connection

9) Scalable - Moving your tariffs up AND down. Matrix247 allows you to reduce your package to a smaller data allowance, reducing your costs continually.

iPhone Samsung

10) Specially agreed pricing as an MLS member

"Matrix247 are a great company to work with, whether you're dealing with the MD Stephen Pritchard or engineers there's no difference, there's obviously a culture in that business of being interested in their customers wanting to deliver great customer service and they've been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are without doubt the best company we deal with." - Scott Harding, Deputy Managing Partner, Poole Alcock Solicitors

Come and join our Legal clients benefiting from the 10 special benefits above today.

To see how we have helped some other law firms with their mobiles, please see the below case studies. 

Hillyer McKeown Solicitors Mobiles Case Study

Poole Alcock Solicitors Mobiles Case Study

Is YOUR password secure?

on Thursday, 12 January 2017.

Make sure your passwords are protected in a safe place. cyber security bolton manchester

This is important as an individual as it's YOUR responsibility to have separate passwords for every single service whether it's for iTunes, Sky, Amazon, your bank (e.g. Barclays, NatWest) and so on. 

As a company, as part of your cyber policy, it's extremely important that you advise staff to use different passwords for access to different applications. 

The challenge is remembering them all.


After conversations with Titan, the Cyber Crime Division of the Police, this is the advice we would like to share. 

  1. Start your password off with the first 2 letters of the service e.g. sk for Sky, ba for Barclays. 
  2. Follow this with your personal, special 5 letter word which may remain the same for each password. 
  3. Then, a 2 digit number for the service e.g. 01 for Sky, 02 for Barclays. 
  4. Finish with a punctuation mark e.g. * or ^ ...not an exclamation mark - these are too obvious! 

Password telecoms hosted manchester bolton

Instead of remembering many different passwords, why not remember one password and store all your others in a password manager? This means you can have various different passwords for lots of different applications all stored in one safe place so you only need to remember one password to access them all.

If you internet search for 'password managers' there are different types depending on the extra features you prefer. For example, syncing the app across your devices, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and some even generate long unguessable passwords for your accounts for you. 

If you would like to speak to us about anything in this article, please feel free to call Mia Pritchard on 0345 36 20 247 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Matrix247 heads successful Cyber Security Seminar with 120 delegates in attendance

on Thursday, 03 November 2016.

Cyber Security Seminar North West Hosted Telecoms Phreaking Matrix247 Bolton

Matrix247 in association with The Jackson Canter Group, Grant Thornton Accountants, NatWest and Titan Police hosted a morning of informative speakers at their non-technical Cyber Security Seminar at the Echo Arena, Liverpool on Tuesday 1st November. Over 120 senior decision makers from the North West and beyond gathered to enjoy a helpful, enlightening morning and to hear insights from Joanna Kingston-Davies, Stephen Pritchard, Tracey Owen, Nigel Redwood, Manu Sharma and Helen Williams on how Cyber Security is escalating and how to prevent cyber attacks. 

Stephen Pritchard, CEO of Matrix247, followed on by explaining Phreaking Telecoms and Cyber threats to business mobile devices.

Did you know that the UK is now within the TOP 5 Telecom hacking hotspots globally!

The Threatcyber attack pic

Dial Through Fraud (DTF) - Criminals target UK telephone systems remotely, and dial through high volumes of simultaneous international landline and mobile calls across ALL your phone lines until they're detected. 

Premium Rate Fraud - Criminals use access gained to dial premium rate numbers they set-up and own. 

Telecom system hacking occurs after working hours or on weekends when detection is least likely...and ALL your telecom lines are NOT in use. 

SIP/VoIP Hacking & 'Denial of Service' VoIP Attack

You MUST manage the RISK

Hackers can download from the web tools like 'SIP Vicious'....specifically designed to attack IP-PBX systems

If hackers determine the password for your SIP account, they can generate calls from anywhere on the globe by simply changing your rules of acceptable IP addresses to receive calls from. 

Fraudulent calls would NOT have to come from the actual IP-PBX.

How can you protect against ISDN, VoIP and SIP fraud

  • Telecom Firewalls will cover up to 30 ISDN channels per location.
  • VoIP/SIP Firewalls - Configure your existing firewall so it will only allow traffic from the outside world through the SIP port you've identified. 

Mobile devices are an EASY, UNDER-PROTECTED TARGET used to get inside your firm.

password pic

What sensitive information is your attacker privy to?

  • Access your calendar and know when and who your meetings are with. 
  • Turn on the Mobile device RECORDING function to listen in on: boardroom meetings, sensitive case discussions...merger/acquisition talks. 
  • Activate the camera to take pictures or videos
  • Read browsing activity and any USER NAMES & PASSWORDS entered into sites. 
  • Export contact lists with call and text history
  • Forward Emails/Texts sent to or from your device. 
  • Access phone calls and voicemails. 
  • Track partner and staff...knowing your location at anytime via GPRS. 

The 5 Most Common Attacks

  1. WiFi - Man in the middle (MitM) attacks - Breach of your mobile device happens as you connect to an attackers spoofed WiFi hotspot e.g. Free Costa - Check behind the counter the EXACT NAME of Wifi and password. 
  2. Mobile Remote Access Trojans (M-RATS)
  3. Zero-Day Attacks
  4. FAKE Developer and Enterprise Certificates
  5. Web Browser Viruses

Cyber Security Policies

Cyber Security Event Manchester North West England

These are imperative in your workplace NOW. 

Management, Directors and Staff will start to take matters into their OWN help them to do their jobs more efficiently. 

  • 16% admitted they would install UNSUPPORTED software
  • 22% would use a website or internet - based service that their company doesn't support
  • 35% would buy something with their OWN money if it helped achieve targets


  • Put security boundaries in place & a Company Cyber Policy
  • Have a Cyber Awareness Training course delivered to staff
  • Ensuring they don't significantly hamper staffs ease of use
  • Enable staff to deliver the maximum business value

To request a copy of our whitepaper, please click here. 

To view the presentation from the event, please click here

"The feedback directly after this Cyber Awareness event has been tremendous. It has been without doubt one of the most interesting and content packed seminars we've seen and listened to in recent years."

- Denis Stevenson, Chester & North Wales Law Society

"I found it to be very informative, revealing how easy it can be for third parties to access your technology without your consent, though with suitable work practices and password control potential security breaches can be kept at bay but it needs consent review and management. Great event and an eye opener for a luddite." 

- John Staples, Partner, Ingham and Yorke


Did you miss this seminar? Click here to view when we are in your area and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mia on 08000 740 247 for more information.

Thieves are stealing cyclist' bikes using apps that track their routes.

on Thursday, 12 January 2017.

Are you a keen cyclist using social media apps such as Strava, Endomondo or MapMyRide to track your route? If so, you may be giving thieves all the information they need to know the value of your bike.

These mobile apps allow cyclists to post their route online and where they start/finish which is most likely their homes. Therefore, you're giving thieves the chance to track down your top-of-the-range bikes to your sheds and garages. 

The mapping software on these high rated cycling apps record all kind of details including distance, time and speed which indicates the quality of the bike you're riding. You can also choose to tell your friends on the app the make and model of your bike which is building an idea to a thief the price of your bike. 

cycling strava bolton manchester north west

 We urge ALL cyclists to check their settings to make sure personal details are not publicly available. 

Sergeant Adrian Thompson of Poole Police has said: "The majority of thefts have come from garages and sheds, which is a change from previous cycle crime issues where we had a high quantity of thefts from bike racks and shops."

"We think social apps that track a cyclist's route are contributing. The apps effectively tell thieves the route you ride, the number of times a week you go, how long you're out of the house and most importantly where you start and finish from."

"It's not a case that the whole road gets targeting, it's often just one shed that the thieves are going into and coming out with a £3,000 bike."

If you would like to contact us about anything you have seen on this article please call Mia Pritchard on 0345 36 20 247 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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