Phreaking Telecoms

Most firms protect and secure their networks & PCs from external viruses and hackers using the latest virus protection and toughest firewalls with complex sophisticated passwords and codes...but very few protect their telephone system and telecom network leaving it completely UNSECURE and DEFENCELESS!

What is the big threat?  ....Well there are two.

Dial Through Fraud (DTF)  Criminals target UK phone systems remotely,  and dial through high volumes of simultaneous international landline and mobile calls across ALL your telephone lines until they're detected.

Premium Rate Fraud  Criminals use the access gained to dial premium rate numbers they set-up and own.

To evade detection they daisy chain hacked phone systems together across many countries so it's impossible to detect where the original call started.

Telecom system hacking occurs after working hours or on weekends when detection is least likely ......and ALL your telecom lines are NOT in use.

What are the chances of me being hacked?

Currently, UK telecoms phreaking fraud has just reached over £2 billion, which is astonishingly just over 10% of the global total. There are a number of actions UK firms can take to vastly reduce the chance of hackers breaking-in on their firms telecom system .

None of the telecom call carriers in the supply chain will take responsibility for your firm being hacked, so it is of paramount importance your organisation becomes clearly aware of the various ways in which hackers threaten your telephone system lines and mobiles devices.

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What can i do? Where do i start?

Complimentary Professional Risk Assessment Review :

Matrix247 are prepared to forward to your firm a FREE comprehensive report identifying all the potential the risks across existing telecoms and mobile devices within your own organisation.

We will identify all existing threats, whether the risk to your firm is high or low, based upon consequences and who would be affected, and what existing equipment and software you currently own that can be leveraged to assist in backing up. If there are specific solutions or advice we can share to remedy high-risk threats, we will include these also.


Professional firms who wish to take advantage of this no obligation report to be sent simply need to e-mail me directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call FREE 08000 740 247. We would be delighted to talk through what we would need to enable your own specific report to be forwarded to you.

Cyber Security Seminar Testimonials

"The Matrix247 cyber security seminar was a very informative and enlightening event. Each speaker highlighted different ways in which businesses can be the victim of cyber-attacks and what sort of solutions can be implemented whether that be in-house activities or through an outsourced service provider. I would recommend that all businesses attend this kind of event to raise awareness and assess the risks involved." - Denise Butler, Peacock Risk Management.

"I found it to be very informative, revealing how easy it can be for third parties to access your technology without your consent, though with suitable work practices and password control potential security breaches can be kept at bay but it needs consent review and management. Great event and an eye opener for a luddite." - John Staples, Partner, Ingham and Yorke. 

"I found the event to be very informative and thought-provoking. It gave me several issues to discuss with my colleagues back at the office. Cyber crime is a growing risk and I would urge all members of the profession to attend these events." - Michael Tree, Swayne Johnson.

"The Matrix247 team and their associates were exemplary in providing advice on key digital security issues, not only within the legal industry, but for all those operating a modern day business. It certainly opened up our eyes to the potential threats we face as a modern business, the consequences of failing to address them, and the means as to how to protect our systems. We wouldn't hesitate for a second to refer them for advice on any digital security issues." - Robert Collington, Legal Costs Director, Legal Practices Support. 

"The feedback directly after this Cyber Awareness event has been tremendous. It has been without doubt one of the most interesting and content packed seminars we've seen and listened to in recent years." - Denis Stevenson, Cheshire Law Society