Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

telephone-closeup-smallIVR business solutions enable organisations to improve the following:

  • Professional and corporate image of your organisation
  • Achieve very profitable productivity rates
  • Improve efficiency of your work force

Matrix247 IVR platforms integrate with your existing telecoms system and can be customised for virtually any type of business environment and greatly complement your contact centre agents.

Simple applications may ask callers for either the name of the person or department they want to enable automatic transfer through ASR - Auto Speech Recognition.

Other simple applications may ask callers to type their account/policy number into their telephone; when the caller is then automatically transferred to the agent with the correct skill-set, perhaps that caller's contact record is then displayed on the agent’s PC screen showing recent account history etc.

Other common applications using speak-data technology linked to your company database include:

  • Tracking of Orders / Deliveries
  • Account Balance Enquiries
  • Checking Appointment times