How We Help

determined-business-womanEach product and service that Matrix247 has chosen to include within its comprehensive portfolio is done so to address a number of criteria for our clients.

  •  It needs to be an ‘open standards’ platform to ensure simple, low-cost and flexible integration into existing products and services that you may have already invested in, or may wish to invest in looking toward the future, perhaps through natural expansion or incumbent products and services your organisation inherits through acquisitions and mergers, without the worry of incurring expensive collaboration costs
  • It needs to be scalable so investments made now are true investments and not wrote down as costs as your call or contact centre expands. We supply departments from just two or three agents to hundreds of seats across multiple locations including seamless home-based working. 
  • It needs to cater for all modes of communication delivery from traditional digital trunk lines from your local exchange, to Internet based SIP and IP telephony for your contact centre or call centre. We ensure additional branches and home-based agents can also become a seamless extension of your communications platform.

Matrix247’s Call or Contact Centre solutions don’t just deliver automation, we also ensure that procedures that may trigger agent stress are clearly identified.

Matrix247 recognising that today’s future thinking organisations are working to ensure a feasible blend of a work/life balance can be created to ease stress levels for agents whist providing key benefits to assist in recruiting the sectors best breed of agents. To assist in this Matrix247 deliver telecoms and software applications that can integrate seamlessly for home-based and remote agents.

Matrix247 can guide you through the most effective and profitable avenues taken by existing successful client case-studies.