Call & Contact Centre Telecoms


Matrix247 recognise that the true value for your Call or Contact Centre is delivering a solution which improves business processes and unifies all your organisations departments and resources into a seamless cohesive unit.

business-customer-service-womanWe understand the key issues Call and Contact Centres are experiencing right now: staff attrition rates, recruitment of quality agents, increased absence and sickness days to name but a few.

Matrix247 Call & Contact Centre Team conducts a world class orchestra of manufacturers and service partners which enables us to provide you with the most efficient and best infrastructure for your organisation, taking into account not just business telecoms and measurement software applications but just as importantly, your most valuable and costly asset, YOUR PEOPLE.

Any company can sell you a telecoms system... Will they increase YOUR company’s productivity, efficiency, profits and staff morale?

Our clients want business communication solutions. That’s what Matrix247 Call & Contact Centre Team delivers, now it’s your call...