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We work with public and private sector organisations across the UK with a daily impact on our employees, clients, candidates and the wider community. We have a genuine desire and passion for giving back to the community and our Matrix247 Foundation for Charities is taken very seriously. This theme runs throughout the business and each year we undertake many varied and ambitious charitable adventures.

Please see below for a few of the challenges and some of the charities and community projects we get involved in.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club

bolton-lads-girlsSince 1889, Bolton Lads and Girls Club has been a safe haven for young children (between the ages of 8-21 years-old, up to 25 years-old for youngsters with disabilities). Originally set up for the young children working in the cotton factories, the Club was set up by 5 business men who all wanted to improve the quality of life for all the young boys and girls living in the mills. 

The Matrix247 Foundation are patrons of Bolton Lads and Girls Club and our MD, Stephen Pritchard takes part in lots of activities to raise money for the Youth Club and support them. These events have included Jogle8, various bike rides with routes like the John O'Groats to Lands End, creating annual Oktoberfest events and supporting local sporting events they put on. Due to the Jogle8 which Stephen took part in, this granted a new Astroturf pitch to the club for the football activities for the boys and girls. It is testament to their vision that today they work with nearly 3,000 young people each week providing them ‘somewhere to go, something to do, someone to talk to’.

Bolton Lads and Girls Club is the biggest youth centre in the UK and aims to help the young people of Bolton become the happy, caring and responsible citizens of tomorrow by providing somewhere to go that’s fit for purpose, something to do that is developmental and challenging and above all someone to talk to who genuinely is interested. Bolton Lads and Girls Club is committed to providing opportunities that recognise and respect cultural differences and encourage integration, and inclusive activities that enable full participation from all of the town’s communities and young people of all abilities. 

Blackburn Youth Zone

Blackburn Youth Zone, a state of the art youth club charity located at the heart of Blackburn. Blackburn Youth Zone is a 21st century youth hub for young people aged 8 to 18 and up-to 25 with disabilities, aiming to irrevocably change the prospects offered to young people in the area. 

Uniquely, this is happening in partnership with the young people rather than on their behalf. As such, the Zone is led with the principle of 'starting where young people are, going where young people take us'. 

Blackburn Youth Zone is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week and offer over up to 20 activities each evening. And entrance fee is just 50p.

With over 3000 members and numbers reaching up to 900 visits per week, Blackburn Youth Zone is one of the biggest youth facilities in the North West. 

The Zone is built on land where, 100 years ago, Blackburn's first electricity generating station once stood. On the place where electricity first came to and powered the town, the Youth Zone is now powering the community through the energy and creativity of young people. 

What also makes the Zone distinctive is its relationship with the local business community, who have wholeheartedly embraced the concept and pledged to work together to raise the aspirations of our town's young people, equipping them with life skills, increased confidence and independence which in turn will regenerate our town from the bottom up. 

Thank you for your support!

Rosemere Cancer Foundation

The Rosemere Cancer Foundation supports the delivery of world class cancer treatment locally for the people of Lancashire and South Cumbria.  They work in partnership with the staff in the region’s specialist Cancer Centre at Royal Preston Hospital and in the local Cancer Units such as those at Royal Blackburn Hospital and Burnley General Hospital to help achieve the best possible care for cancer patients wherever they are treated.  They do this by:

Rosemere ·         Funding cutting edge equipment to help clinicians remain at the forefront of the fight against cancer

·         Supporting innovative ways to take the fear out of cancer for patients and their families during treatment

·         Backing local research projects that help improve their understanding of cancer and how it can be better diagnosed and treated

·         Facilitating top quality training to help clinical staff treating cancer patients be the very best they can be

The Matrix247 Foundation support the Rosemere Cancer Foundation by making a donation of £10 for every member of the Central and East Lancashire Business Network who takes up the offer of a free communications audit and a further donation of a percentage of the contract price should further business be generated for Matrix as a result of the audits.  In 2014/15 the focus of Rosemere’s corporate support is the provision of the very latest endobronchial ultrasound technology (EBUS) for the earlier and more accurate diagnosis of lung cancer at a cost of £100,000.  This is the first system of its kind in the UK.

Antz Network

Antz Network is a business network leading change across Greater Manchester by growing and changing communities working together to "Grow & Give Back". 

Antz Network is currently supporting over 4,000 people across Manchester this year, which includes over 35 charities and start-up organisations. Antz social
enterprise centres are in Bolton, Swinton & Manchester City Centre. 

Since 2011 Antz Network have been supporting Work Ready & Traineeship projects getting people back to work, engaging the hardest to reach communities across Greater Manchester, getting 62% of the people Antz work with back to work in local jobs and finding new talent from Greater Manchester. 

Matrix247 Corporate Social Responsibilities Matrix247 Corporate Social Responsibilities

Children Today

Children Today provides grants to purchase individual items of life enhancing equipment to individual children and young adults up to the age of 25 that have sickness and disability.Image1-3

The provision of these specialist items enhances the lives of not just the child but the whole family by providing a greater sense of inclusion and independence.

They can be as simple as a walking or standing frame a specialist car seat a specially adapted trike or buggy.

Children Today takes applications from all over the UK but likes to spend it where possible where the money has been raised.

Children Today receives no government funding and relies totally on voluntary income.

Sadly there are more families needing our help as there have been huge cuts in government services.

Without the help from companies such as yourself we could not provide these much needed items locally.

Companies can help by promoting our events to their staff, I have attached our next Challenge event.